‘Kim Ha-sung trade rumor’ Boston recruited an outfielder, but the infield was reinforced

 The Boston Red Sox is the club at the center of the recent Kim Ha-sung trade rumor.

Xander Bogaerts’ move to the San Diego Padres is the epicenter of the rumor. Boston lost their starting shortstop by missing Bogatz, and Ha-seong Kim is more likely to play as second baseman rather than shortstop with Bogatz joining.

Boston is in a situation where even second baseman and shortstop Trevor Story has left due to injury, so the need for reinforcements has increased. As a result, claims are being made that San Diego, which needs to organize its position, can give Kim Ha-seong to Boston and receive a pitcher. 온라인카지노

First of all, on the 19th, Boston recruited outfielder Adam Dubal, not an infielder, to reinforce the infield. Recruiting outfielders to fill the infield sounds odd, but it’s a realistic plan for Boston.

When Dubal joins, utility player Kike Hernandez will be available as an infielder. Hernandez played 100 games in the major leagues as a shortstop and more than 200 games (258) as a second baseman.

However, trade rumors have not completely disappeared. MLB.com predicted that Boston would pursue additional acquisitions of a shortstop or second baseman even after acquiring Dubal. Ha-seong Kim is considered one of the five shortstops Boston can recruit. The major leagues are paying attention to Kim Ha-sung’s future.

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