Kim Jin-wook was put in even though he was inferior by 4 points, and Sutton evaluated that he was “able to follow up enough”

Lotte Giants left-hander Young-gun Kim Jin-wook broke the scoreless streak that had continued since the opening against the KIA Tigers in Gwangju on the 3rd. 

Kim Jin-wook climbed the mound with the start of defense at the end of the 7th inning when Lotte was trailing 2-6. The Lotte bench was behind by 4 points, but as if they did not want to give up the game easily, Pil Seung-jo and Kim Jin-wook threw a winning number.

But the results were not good.메이저놀이터 Kim Jin-wook got off to a shaky start, hitting lead batter Kim Sun-bin with a straight walk. He caught Hyung-Woo Choi with a floating ball in right field, but was driven into a crisis with 1 out 1 and 3 base as he got a right-handed hit by Socrates.

Lotte hurriedly replaced the pitcher with Yoon Myeong-jun, but the result was not good either. Yun Myeong-jun allowed hits in succession amidst the difficult pitching, and Kim Gyu-seong and Socrates, the runners-up for Kim Seon-bin, all scored, and Kim Jin-wook recorded his first earned run in 12 games this season.

As a result, Lotte gave 4 more points to KIA at the end of the 7th inning, completely passing the flow, and even Kim Jin-wook had an average ERA of ‘0’, leaving regret. The challenge to win 10 consecutive wins in 15 years has also failed.

Kim Jin-wook’s performance is still excellent even with two earned runs. He is showing the aspect of the best left-handed bullpen in the league with an average ERA of 1.38 with 2 wins and 3 holds in 12 games and 13 innings.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton once explained, “The next day, “among the bullpen pitchers who pitched in the game the day before, Jin-wook Kim was the only pitcher in the bullpen.” Considering the KIA bullpen situation, it is a position that it was a worthy attempt to pitch Kim Jin-wook at 4 points inferior. Sutton did 

not care much about Kim Jin-wook’s ERA record and 10 consecutive wins. Na Kyun-an is also in a position to not worry too much. “As the ball was shaken, such a result (defeat) came out,” he said. There was,” he explained.

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