Kim Jin-young’s belief in ‘Career High’, “unconditional confidence”

Career high, FA jackpot, and even the national team. For Shinhan Bank Kim Jin-young, the 2022-2023 season was a season with nothing to lack.

Kim Jin-young메이저놀이터, who scored 66 points in a game in Soongui Girls’ High School, has grown into a player who focuses on defense after his professional debut.

Kim Jin-young, who joined KB with the 2nd overall ranking in the 1st round at the 2015 New Player Selection, has been consistently given opportunities to play, but was evaluated as lacking a sense of stability in the attack. Despite his strength, fighting spirit and athletic ability, his erratic field goal percentage and poor free throws were always pointed out as problems.

After transferring to BNK in 2019, Kim Jin-young, who recovered his scoring power little by little, wore a Shinhan Bank uniform as a reward player for free agent Han Umji last season, and spent his best season after his debut. He played an average of 32 minutes and 9 seconds in 30 games, and finished the season with 12.0 points, 6.1 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.0 steals.

Kim Jin-young, who obtained FA qualification, chose to remain at Shinhan Bank on the condition of a total of 240 million won over three years. He was also selected for the national team. He was selected as a substitute at the 2022 FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup, but this time he was proudly named on the first selection list.

Her steady growth leads to her confidence. Kim Jin-young also spoke of expectations and hopes for her next season rather than concerns. In terms of her objective strength, Shinhan Bank is expected to have a tougher ranking battle, but Kim Jin-young didn’t mind.

He said, “Last year, I joined the team late and didn’t prepare much for the off-season, so it was difficult to adapt at the beginning. I think my teamwork got better as I played the rounds, but this year is different. I also came to understand the coach’s basketball, and I am more prepared for the off-season. I can do a lot. I return from the national team, but I am confident that I will do better because I have time from the international competition to the start of the season.”

Kim Jin-young explained, “I don’t know how many opportunities I can get in the national team, but this time I prepared faster than usual. Actually, I don’t exercise during vacation, but this time I worked out and received skill training and built my body faster than last year.” .

Kim Jin-young, who played a leading role in the team during his school days, went through various age groups. However, it took him a long time to be selected for the senior national team.

He said, “Last year’s alternate selection was the first national team experience after becoming an adult. It helped a lot. Since it is a team with all the older sisters who are good at each team, I learned a lot from watching (Park) Hyejin and (Kim) Danbi. I heard a lot of advice about taking care of my body before exercising and shooting.”

The help from seniors continued into the season. Shinhan Bank is mainly composed of young players, and its high energy level is an advantage, but it was evaluated that it lacks a sense of stability.

However, Kim Jin-young said, “That part was not difficult for me. BNK before that was the same. The young players were the main axis, they were like fire, and the energy was high. But at Shinhan Bank, (Han) Chae-jin or (Lee) Kyung-eun took over. Because of that, I felt more stable. Others remember that (Kwak) Joo-young unnie and (Kim) Dan-bi unnie were there before, so I think they felt different from me.”

Kim Jin-young averaged double-digit points for the first time last season.

He said, “Even in KB and BNK days, I scored a lot during practice. But when I was young, I tried to match the role given to me. I also did. I think I practiced more and focused more to increase my score and increase my attack power.”

Kim Jin-young, who is always positive, showed confidence in the team’s playoff challenge this season. Gunadan coach and captain Lee Kyung-eun also showed a cautious stance, saying, “It will be a much more difficult fight than last year,” but Kim Jin-young emphasized confidence.

Kim Jin-young said, “Since the director and my sister have years of age, I’m sure to be cautious, but I’m still young, so I don’t think I’m at the age to control something. I think it’s more. It’s just unconditional confidence. Even last year, when everyone said it was difficult, I was the only one who said I was confident.”

“I think I’m doing a little more than I did last year. I think my shooting and free throws will also get better. To be honest, free throws are a psychological problem, and I believe this part will also get better. Last year, the part that didn’t work well in the beginning was There was, but this season, I want to do well from the start. I think I have to go up to the playoffs unconditionally. After that, I have to go, so I will prepare for the season with the thought that the playoffs will go anyway.”

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