‘King’ James, over Abdul-Jabbar ‘Ticket exceeded 100 million won’

King James’ LeBron James (39, LA Lakers) is expected to achieve the highest score ever in the NBA. Ticket prices are skyrocketing.

On the 3rd (hereafter Korean time), Bleacher Report of the United States revealed the price of the ticket that James is expected to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and become the top scorer in the career. 먹튀검증

According to this, the ticket price for the match between the LA Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder on the 8th soared to a whopping $92,000 (about 112.79 million won).

James scored 38,299 points in his career until the last two days. Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time record is 38,387 points. The gap between the two players is now reduced to 88 points.

Currently, James’ average point per game is 30.2 points. Accordingly, James is expected to surpass Abdul-Jabbar in the game against Oklahoma City on the 8th at the earliest and the Milwaukee Bucks on the 10th at the latest.

In addition, both the Oklahoma City game on the 8th and the Milwaukee game on the 10th will be held at the Crypto.com Arena, the home stadium of the Los Angeles Lakers. James looks set to achieve a milestone at home.

What’s even more surprising is that this is the price a few days before the game. In real life, the ticket price for a match where James beats Abdul-Jabbar is certain to cost well over $100,000.

Earlier, James scored 38,000 points for the second time in his career last month. Therefore, it was an established fact to surpass Abdul-Jabbar within this season.

After exceeding 38,000 points, James is averaging 34.4 points in eight games, boasting scoring power beyond his prime.

As a result, interest is gathering in whether James will surpass Abdul-Jabbar in the game against Oklahoma City on the 9th, and how far the ticket price for the game will rise.

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