Leaving the league? Is there a possibility…”Man City will be fined and finished”


fans expected Manchester City to receive only a light fine.

Bad news struck Manchester City, which was cruising. He is facing disciplinary action for violating Financial Fair Play (FFP). The English Premier League (EPL) officially announced on the 6th (Korean time), “The EPL Secretariat has indicted Man City for violating the FFP. The investigation will be conducted in secret. The final results will be published on the EPL website.”

FFP is a regulation to maintain the financial soundness and equity of European clubs. Simply put, it means to spend only once. However, Manchester City were found to have violated it on more than 100 occasions in about nine years. Journalist Martin Ziegler of the British media’Times’ said, “After a four-year investigation, the EPL found that Manchester City had violated numerous FFP rules. There are only 100 cases, and if the charges are acknowledged, a ‘point reduction’ or ‘league penalty’ will be imposed. You will be subject to the penalty of expulsion.”

Manchester City immediately responded. The club said: “We are surprised that the EPL has announced an alleged rule violation. We welcome the Committee’s review of this matter in order to give an impartial consideration to all evidence supporting the club’s position. We hope that this matter will be fully resolved.” issued a statement. 바카라사이트

Details have not yet been decided. As it has been a long-term process, it is expected that it will take some time before a final decision is made.

If the charges are admitted, as mentioned, you can face a point reduction or even expulsion from the league.

But Liverpool fans didn’t expect it at all. They expected Manchester City to receive only a light fine. One fan said: “Don’t get your hopes up. Man City will just end up with a fine”. Another fan said, “Hopefully action will be taken against Manchester City, but nothing will happen.” “If they get a transfer ban, Jude Bellingham will be our player, but will that be? Manchester City will only get a fine,” one fan argued.

Because there is a precedent. Man City has experience of being accused of FFP violations in 2020 as well. At that time, he was disciplined by the European Football Federation (UEFA), and UEFA banned Manchester City from participating in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) for two years and fined him. However, Manchester City appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and were found ‘not guilty’.

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