‘Lee Dae-heon’s self-congratulatory dunk’ Jung Hyo-geun’s joke “With those heavy limbs… ”

Lee Dae-heon expressed the joy of escaping from a losing streak with a dunk shot.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation ended its long 9-game losing streak. KOGAS won 89-66 in the match against Seoul Samsung held at the Jamsil Gymnasium on the 18th, and won a valuable victory.

Although they had already recorded the most consecutive losses since the founding with 9 consecutive losses, they could never allow the renewal of 10 consecutive losses and a tie for 9th place. Such a gas corporation pushed Samsung from the first quarter. Lee Dae-heon scored 7 points from under the goal, and Lee Dae-seong broke through the defense and added 8 points by breaking through and scoring. In the second quarter, Murphy Holloway and Lee Dae-heon intensively attacked under the goal, while Cho Sang-yeol, Lee Dae-heon, and Jeon Hyun-woo fired three-point shots in support. KOGAS finished the first half by 18 points (46-28), and in the third quarter, Lee Dae-sung made two 3-point shots and Jeong Hyo-keun made one shot to break away from Samsung’s pursuit. 토토사이트

The crisis came in the 4th quarter, but Devon Scott scored 10 points and Lee Dae-sung scored 6 points to easily beat Samsung. Here, Lee Dae-heon drove a wedge with a dunk shot. 2 minutes and 10 seconds before the end of the game, Cha Bawi made a long pass to Lee Dae-heon, who was crossing into the Samsung camp, and Lee Dae-heon stepped on a one-two step and dunked. He seemed to be celebrating his 9-game losing streak. Lee Dae-heon recorded 14 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals in 25 minutes and 14 seconds.

Lee Dae-heon is not the type to dunk often. If they did, the success rate is 100% (11 attempts in total, 11 successes), but it was shown only three times this season, including this day. His first dunk this season was a successful one on October 30 last year during an 83-71 win over Goyang Carrot, and it was the score that sealed the victory. In the end, KOGAS won 92-83.

The second dunk shot was recorded on January 28th against Seoul SK. 7 minutes and 58 seconds before the end of the 4th quarter, Lee Dae-heon stole the ball from Kim Seon-hyung, and received Murphy Holloway’s pass and dunked it. The game was lost 116-118 after a close game that went to the second overtime.

Jeong Hyo-geun also left a joke of joy in Lee Dae-heon’s dunk shot, which is more suitable for the modifier of silence than splendor. Jeong Hyo-geun said, “I think I did it in line with the escape from losing streak. Originally, I am not a friend who often dunks (laughs), but seeing him dunking with those heavy limbs seemed very exciting,” he joked.

Lee Dae-heon expressed the joy of escaping from a losing streak with a dunk shot. Will we see more of his dunks for the rest of the season?

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