Lee Eun-hye, winning an international competition in 4 years and making a comeback

Lee Eun-hye (NH Nonghyup Bank) won the international championship title for the first time in four years. Lee Eun-hye (ranked 1001st in the world) beat Claudia Bubelite (Lithuania) in the final of the ITF World Tennis Tour Sharm El Seiki Egypt Women’s Futures Tournament held in Sharm El Seiki (W15K), Egypt on the 26th (local time) 6-4 6- 1 and won. 

Lee Eun-hye, who entered the finals after passing the preliminaries, showed a good performance, catching the tournament’s top seed Sandra Samir (Egypt, world No. 456) in the quarterfinals. Lee Eun-hye did not lose a single set during her seven-game winning streak, including her qualifiers. 메이저사이트

Lee Eun-hye’s win at her international competition was the 2019 ITF Gimcheon Competition (W15K), before her corona pandemic, and this is her second win in her life.

Lee Eun-hye said on her social media, “I think I was able to achieve good results again because I have a family who always cheers me on, my Nonghyup team, and good people around me. I will run more,” he said.

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