Lee Seung-min of Bundang Samsung, heading to the elite stage, “Fine without regrets until the end!”

 “It will be my last tournament as an elementary school student and a member of Bundang Samsung.

Lee Seung-min (180cm, F) of Bundang Samsung, who dominated the elementary school in the youth stage for the past three years, walks the path as an elite basketball player. Lee Seung-min will make his elite stage debut as a basketball player at Yongsan Middle School in March.

Lee Seung-min, who turned 14 this year, is the second son of SPOTV commentator Lee Gyu-seop and played an active role as the ace of Bundang Samsung, a powerhouse in youth basketball. Based on his unique sincerity and the basketball gene inherited from his father, he continued to grow rapidly and dominated the elementary school stage.

Lee Seung-min, who continued the winning parade at the youth basketball competition he participated in last year, led the team to victory at the 2023 Chungju Mayor Youth Basketball Championship, which ended on the 12th. Despite his opponent’s intensive check, Lee Seung-min gave the team a record of winning with a more mature appearance. 온라인바카라

Lee Seung-min said, “Personally, I could have missed the goal and missed the goal, but I am happy to build good memories with my friends before going to middle school.”

Even after winning his championship, he repeatedly expressed regret through interviews. When asked about the reason, he said, “It’s not long before I have to break up with my Bundang Samsung friends. When I go to middle school, I go my separate ways. I drove far away to a basketball tournament, played basketball, and made memories by playing and chatting at the dorm. I just don’t feel comfortable,” he said.

Bundang Samsung has no choice but to be special to Lee Seung-min. He started playing basketball at Bundang Samsung and developed his dream as a basketball player, winning numerous trophies and enjoying moments of glory.

Regarding Bundang Samsung, Lee Seung-min said, “Even if I go to middle school, I think all of my friends and coaches will remain in my memory. In particular, teacher Jeong-hwan Keum made me attack patterns. It will come,” revealing his affection for Bundang Samsung.

Lee Seung-min dominated the ecology of the youth basketball world by conquering numerous competitions. What was the most memorable competition?

In response, he said, “In fact, I think losing games are more memorable than winning games (laughs). Last summer, at the KBL tournament held in Yanggu, we faced KCC in the final. At that time, I was very disappointed that I only finished runner-up, but I think that game will remain in my memory for a long time to come,” he said, citing the 2022 KBL Youth Basketball Championship held in Yanggu last year.

Lee Seung-min’s skills are not lacking at all to become an elite player. However, elite basketball is different from club basketball. I don’t know what his skills are, but there is a difference in physical strength.

Having pictured himself as a middle school student, he humbly played basketball, saying, “Now that I’m going back to being the youngest, I have to follow the older brothers so that I don’t lag behind in my skills. I don’t feel any pressure because I have older brothers. I want to learn a lot from the good brothers.” I said I would learn

Finally, he expressed his aspirations, saying, “There is still a Jecheon tournament to be held in two weeks. It will be the last tournament as an elementary school student and a member of Bundang Samsung, but I want to win the Jecheon tournament and decorate the end nicely.”

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