Legend’s pack width for a 90 billion defender “Not as good as Chelsea”

Le Boeuf, a French national team legend who played for Chelsea in the past, criticized Marc Cucurella. It is because of the performance that is not comparable to the expensive transfer fee.

Leboeuf said in an interview published on the 8th (local time) in the ‘Global Edition’ of this media (Gol.com), “We need players like Reese James and Ben Chilwell. I hope they recover as soon as possible.”

In the process, Leboeuf said, “We don’t want to see Cucurella anymore. We don’t know much about him. With all due respect, I don’t think Cucurella is good enough for Chelsea. It’s simple. 60 million for Cucurella. “It’s crazy to pay such a huge transfer fee, £70 million or so. We know he doesn’t even come close to that level.” 토토사이트

Cucurella is a famous Barcelona youth alumni. Turning around, last season, Brighton and Hove Albion performed like Altoran, and the stock rose. Manchester City and Chelsea’s scouting competition continued. Cucurella’s choice was Chelsea. After Tuchel, Porter’s appointment to Chelsea was also a boon for Cucurella.

This season, Cucurella played 19 Premier League games for Chelsea. His competitor, Chilwell’s injury, was also a boon for Cucurella (?) Although he received a chance, he is not very satisfied. He also had a lot of ups and downs. Above all, the transfer fee for this player alone amounts to 90 billion won. He was brought in with a lot of money, but he is showing a jagged performance. From the point of view, it can burn your stomach.

Chilwell’s existence is also a burden. He is currently out with an injury, but Chilwell is Chelsea’s starting left wing-back. There are various ways to use it, including the three-back stopper, but it was close to overlapping investment.

Meanwhile, Leboeuf was a Chelsea signboard defender before Roman Abramovich’s former club. He led Chelsea’s back from 1996 to 2001, and is a centre-back with 201 appearances. He did not win the Premier League, but instead helped win the FA Cup in 1996/97 and 1999/2000. He also led Chelsea to victory in the now abolished UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

He is also considered a legend in the French national team. He was one of the key players in winning the 1998 World Cup in France. It was not a solid start at the time of the tournament. Instead, he played full-time in the final against Brazil and helped the national team complete a scoreless victory. In the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, he played against Senegal and Uruguay. He also played full-time in a friendly match against Hiddink held right before the opening and scored the winning goal. However, after the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, he retired from the French national team.

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