Mallorca visits Korea in early June, opponent is Naples’ powerful ‘Lee Kang-in vs. Kim Min-jae face-to-face’

European clubs visit Korea in a row. Lee Kang-in’s team, Mallorca, will visit Korea in June, ahead of the already known clubs visiting Korea in July, and will face Min-jae Kim’s team, Napoli.

According to a football official, 토토사이트Mallorca will visit Korea in early June after the Spanish La Liga schedule is over and will hold a friendly match in Korea. It is not a pre-season tour to prepare for the next season, but a post-event after the 2022-2023 season. In other words, it is an ‘after season’ tour.

Opponent is Napoli. In a program of ‘Sky Sports Italia’, a reporter in charge of Naples said, “This season will be particularly long. Right after the season is over, I will fly to Korea, the country of Kim Min-jae, to play.” Football officials also said that although Napoli’s visit to Korea has not been completely confirmed, it has been discussed for a long time enough to be reported locally, and it is highly likely that it will happen.

Both Mallorca and Naples are visiting Korea in early June, rather than the normal pre-season, to ensure that Lee Kang-in and Kim Min-jae’s confrontation will happen. Both players are receiving a lot of attention in the transfer market, and it is known that there is a buyout clause that the current team cannot refuse if another club pays a certain transfer fee. In mid-July, the team may have already moved, or the transfer may be imminent and may not attend the pre-season tour. There was an attempt to invite these clubs in July, but it was canceled due to the high possibility of transfer, and instead, a visit to Korea was made in June.

If there are no unexpected variables such as injuries, we will see Lee Kang-in and Kim Min-jae face off in Korea. Here, an interesting composition is expected, such as Lee Kang-in’s colleague Vedard Murici being blocked by Napoli’s Kim Min-jae, and a midfield confrontation between Lee Kang-in and Stanislav Robotka. A football official said, ‘If it is finalized, it will be played in the metropolitan area. I had to visit Korea right after the end of the season, so I couldn’t make it to the K-League rest day, but I know that I choose a day without games in the metropolitan area as much as possible so as not to harm domestic football.”

Previously, the domestic match between Manchester City and Atletico Madrid through the ‘Coupang Play Series’ was announced. In addition, the Korean players’ teams, Hwang Hee-chan’s Wolverhampton Wanderers and Oh Hyun-kyu’s Celtic, will visit Korea with AS Roma and hold a friendly tournament with 4 teams including Incheon United. In addition, teams belonging to Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in, who are the most active among Korean Europeans, have visited Korea, expanding the number of European teams visiting Korea this summer to a total of seven.

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