Manchester United’s Neymar signing a reality? “If sold to Qatari capital, it will be taken from PSG” Prospect

The imagination of Neymar (31, PSG) wearing the red uniform of Manchester United can become a reality.

The British media’ㅋㅋㅋ벳The Sun’ said on the 29th (Korean time), “If Manchester United is acquired by Qatari capital, it is possible to recruit Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).” It will be recorded as a transfer.”

Manchester United are currently in the process of selling the club. The Glazers, who became United’s majority owners in 2005, have come under criticism from fans in recent years. They are trying to withdraw from management by selling the club to Qatari capital.

There is a place that has been most actively involved in the takeover of Manchester United. Hamad bin Sheikh Jassim, chief executive of the Qatar Investment Authority, announced that it would invest £5bn (approximately 8.43 trillion won) in the acquisition of Manchester United. Sheikh Jasim completed the third round of bidding on the 28th.

Previously, there were rumors of Manchester United signing Neymar. But the real possibility was low. Because PSG invested the world’s highest transfer fee in signing Neymar. It paid over 200 billion won. During his time at PSG, Neymar scored 118 goals and provided 77 assists in 173 appearances. He won several titles, including four French Ligue 1 titles.

If Manchester United goes over to Qatari capital, the recruitment of Neymar is not absurd. Manchester United itself is a mega club, but if oil money capital comes in, it can reign as a super-large mega club that is not envious of others.

The grades are also recovering little by little. Manchester United started the 2022-23 season under manager Eric ten Haag. The English Premier League (EPL) is currently ranked 4th. They are chasing Newcastle (62 points), who played one more game, by two points. The supercomputer predicted an 86% chance of Manchester United advancing to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season.

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