Master Ferguson fell in love with Turn Hagh?… “Following me to the League Cup away game”

It is news that Alex Ferguson fell in love with Eric Turn Hagh’s mercenary skills.

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ updated the Premier League news on the 6th and introduced that Ferguson follows all of Manchester United’s away matches.

Ferguson, a Scottish native, took the helm of Manchester United in 1986 and led it for 27 years until 2013. By winning the Premier League 13 times, the FA Cup five times, and the UEFA Champions League twice, he retired after putting Manchester United in the ranks of the world’s prestigious clubs as well as the Premier League. 슬롯사이트

He is also well known as the leader who created the Korean Premier League boom by recruiting Korean yen Park Ji-sung in 2005 and utilizing it until 2012.

However, after Ferguson’s departure, Manchester United are in a situation where they are unable to avoid sluggishness. In the past 10 years, they have never won the Premier League, and it is not easy to enter the semi-finals recently, being pushed back by Manchester City and Liverpool.

There is hope from the 2022/23 season.

This is because the team has changed since the arrival of manager Tern Hag, who led Ajax to the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League. They are in 3rd place with 42 points from 21 matches, but Arsenal (50 points) and 2nd place Man City (45 points) are experiencing ups and downs, such as losing in recent games, so there is a chance that Manchester United will win.

The 81-year-old Ferguson has also grown more attached to the Manchester United game after taking over at Tun Hagh.

The Daily Mail said, “Coach Ferguson has been watching home games, but recently he follows away games as well.”

In fact, coach Ferguson appeared on the 27th of last month in the away game of the League Cup semi-final second leg against Nottingham, and even though it was not a Premier League game, he came to watch Manchester United’s away game and became a hot topic.

It remains to be seen whether coach Ton Hagh will give us one more Premier League title during Ferguson’s lifetime.

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