Messi scores in PSG comeback… Continuing the World Cup winning streak

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Football star Lionel Messi, who won the World Cup in Qatar for his country, Argentina, from his first game back to his team, Paris Saint-Germain. I hit the score cannon.

In the meantime, Messi, who had missed two games in Argentina due to celebrations and vacations, continued the momentum of winning the World Cup at home against Angers.온라인카지노

First, he contributed to the opening goal with a sensational pass 5 minutes into the game.

As three defenders gathered around him, he took an opening and stabbed Mukiele with a pass, and Ekitique, who received Mukiele’s cross, shook the net with her right foot.

And in the 28th minute of the second half, Messi started the scorer himself.

After exchanging 2-1 passes with Mukiele, he calmly finished with his right foot inside the penalty box to score an extra goal.

An offside was initially declared, but after video review it was ruled a goal.

Paris Saint-Germain, who won 2-0 with Messi’s performance, widened the gap with second place Lens by 6 points and firmly maintained the lead in the league.

In the Men’s Professional Tennis Tour Adelaide International Round of 16, South Korea’s Kwon Soon-woo advanced to the quarterfinals by defeating Pablo Carreño Busta of Spain, ranked 15th in the world, 2-1.

This is the first time Kwon Soon-woo, ranked 84th in the world, has beaten a player in the top 20 on tour.

Kwon Soon-woo will compete against Sweden’s Michael Immer, who is ranked 77th in the world, to advance to the semifinals.

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