Mongolian 3×3 national coach’s painful point “Korea 3×3 is slow and too quiet”

“The Korean players’ 3×3 is slow. And too calm. Not tough at all.”

At the ‘2023 Korea X Mongolia 3×3 International Exchange’ being held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Mongolian men’s 3×3 national team’s coach Tulga Sukhbaatar gave a shot at Korea 3×3. He pointed out the ‘calmness’ of Korean players. 

It was painful, but it was a cool point. 

KXO (Korea 3×3 Basketball Federation) agreed to hold Mongolian field training from the 20th to the 23rd after consulting with the Mongolian 3×3 Basketball Association since last year. Six players (Kwak Hee-hoon, Kim Min-seop, Noh Seung-jun, Park Min-soo, Ha Do-hyun, Han Jeong-cheol) who are active in the KXO League participated in this training. 

Korean players entered Mongolia on the 20th and started training in earnest from the 21st. Mongolian men’s 3×3 national team coach Tulga Sukhbaatar, who is conducting this training, talked about his thoughts on Korea’s 3×3. 

Coach Thulga Sukhbaatar, who has been in charge of the Mongolian men’s 3×3 national team since 2017, is a person who has raised Mongolia 3×3 to a world-class level by coaching all age groups, including U23, U21, and U18, as well as the adult national team. 

Head coach Tulga Sukhbaatar, who is directly guiding Korean players in the Mongolian field training, guided the players with a different training method that Korean players have never experienced before. 

Coach Tulga Sukbaatar told Korean players, “Speed ​​and screen games are the most important in 3×3. Koreans like ‘quickly, quickly’. But when you look at Korean players, they spend too much time resting on the court. You have to run faster and faster.” he emphasized.  메이저사이트

Coach Tulga Sukhbaatar, who gave the players only minimal rest time throughout the actual training and pushed them hard, said, “The Mongolian players’ stamina did not just grow. To be honest, the Mongolian players are far better than Korea in terms of physical strength. Korean players have good skills. However, 3×3 is not a game of skill, but a game of speed and screen. You need to develop more physical strength.” 

He said, “I’ve seen the Korean national team a lot in international competitions, but they’re too slow. They’re too calm. They’re not tough at all. Then they can’t play 3×3 well. They need to be tougher. Mongolian players were also calm at first. Because they’re meek. We couldn’t win. It’s a style that we felt with our whole body. Korean players have to become fighters.” 

At the FIBA ​​3×3 Asia Cup 2022 held in Singapore last year, Korea lost 12-19 to Mongolia led by coach Tulga Sukhbaatar. At the time, Korea, unable to overcome its physical inferiority, collapsed in the second half of the game and struggled to advance to the quarterfinals by finishing second in the group. 

Clearly, Mongolia is a country that is several steps below Korea in the 5-5 ratio. However, in 3×3, it is a country that has unrivaled results and an excellent administrative system in Asia. For Korea, which has little international exchange, it seems necessary to change the players’ perceptions along with a foothold to be active on the international stage through this training camp in Mongolia. 

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