‘Monster’ beyond the fantastic ‘Son-Ke combination’… Focused spotlight on famous media

Only one player surpassed the combination of Son Heung-min and Harry Kane, which is called Tottenham Hotspur’s fantasy combination.

On the 20th (Korean time), the soccer statistics media’Transfermarkt’ compared Manchester City’s Erling Holland’s record with Tottenham’s Son Heung-min and Kane’s records in all competitions in the 2022-23 season.

Tottenham has a fantastic combination of Son Heung-min and Kane. It’s almost safe to say that two players lead the team. The two players boast the best combination to the extent that they hold the record for the most joint goals (43 goals) in the EPL. If you add up the goals and assists of Kane and Son Heung-min in all competitions this season, it is 23 goals and 5 assists. Kane scored 17 goals and 3 assists, and Son Heung-min scored 6 goals and 2 assists. 카지노사이트

However, even if the two players’ stats are combined, they are lower than Man City’s Holland. Haaland started to dominate the English Premier League (EPL) this season as soon as he arrived. He began to take the position of the front striker that Man City needed at once, and there was no need to adapt to the EPL, which is called the world’s best league.

Currently, he has only played 18 matches in the EPL, but he scored 22 goals. If this continues, most of the existing EPL scoring records are expected to be broken by Haaland.

All competition records combined are 28 goals and 3 assists in 30 games. It is such a great pace that it records one attack point per game. Since he added 1 goal in the league match against Tottenham last time, it is measured as 1 goal more than the data introduced by the media.

Son Heung-min and Kane cannot exceed Holland even if the ransom value measured by the media is combined. Kane has a ransom of 90 million euros (about 120.4 billion won) and Son Heung-min is 70 million euros (about 93.7 billion won), which is 160 million euros (about 214.2 billion won). On the other hand, Holland boasts a ransom of 170 million euros (about 227.5 billion won) alone.

Of course, ‘TransferMarkt’ considers the player’s performance as well as age and potential, so the ransom value of Holland, born in 2000, is measured much higher than Kane and Son Heung-min, who are in their 30s.

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