“More monsters in real life”… The World Cup makes Cho Yoo-min ‘whipped’

After experiencing the big stage, my horizons widened. The goals we want to achieve have also grown. Daejeon Hana Citizen Cho Yoo-min (26), who wants to move forward based on the driving force gained at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, who put the team on the first division wearing the armband for the first time last season, is whipping himself even more.

For Cho Yoo-min, last year was an unforgettable year. This is because he was called by former national coach Paulo Bento to board the 2022 Qatar World Cup, promote the team, and have a strong side. He, who met with this magazine in Chonburi, said, “Last year, there were only good things. Those good memories are giving me greater motivation and strength to prepare for this year and the future. I think he needs to prepare better for the future.”

It was his first promotion as captain. This is why last year’s promotion touched my heart more. Cho Yoo-min said, “I tried to be promoted to vice-captain at Suwon FC, and as soon as I came to Daejeon, I was promoted to captain. He was also very good when he was promoted from Suwon FC, but promotion from Daejeon is another meaning. As a captain, there was a lot of responsibility and pressure, but I overcame it, and it was because the coach, coaching staff, and players came together to achieve it.”

Meet the friendly team. Cho Yoo-min, who took his first professional steps at Suwon FC in 2018, said, “My older brothers who I like are still on that team. The same goes for director Kim Do-gyun. When he left Suwon FC, he said that he would return with a promotion, and he kept that promise. (When playing against Suwon FC) He also asked me to concede when there was a chance for a penalty kick,” he laughed.

The emotions of the off-season preparing for the first part are various. Jo Yoo-min said, “I am half excited and half worried. In the playoffs, there is anticipation for showing competitiveness against Kim Cheon, who is lined with national players, but the league is different. You have to play a lot of games and a long season. In that respect, he is also worried about ‘will he be able to do well’. It is also a situation where you have to worry about relegation at the same time as promotion.” 카지노

After the World Cup, the mind itself has changed. Cho Yoo-min said, “I think it is appropriate to say that I have learned a lot. Even before the World Cup, I had a desire to do well, but after I came back, my scope of thinking and goals became much bigger and my horizons broadened. I had a lot of thoughts that I should work harder than I have done so far and have a bigger dream. I also gained the confidence that I can do it.”

He was with Kim Min-jae (Napoli), who was the same age as him. Cho Yoo-min said, “Min-jae is my favorite central defender. Although he is the same age, he can be said to be a role model in the same position. Training together is really different. he’s insanely good In reality, he is more of a monster,” he laughed, “I tried to snatch it from the side. He added that he had heard a lot about what he had experienced in Italy and Turkey.”

I also have a desire to experience on a bigger stage. Cho Yoo-min said, “To be competitive on the stage of the World Cup, you have to compete with good players on a bigger stage. In such a competition, I thought a lot that the more he adapts to that tempo, the more he will be able to improve without even realizing it. If there is an opportunity, I want to go to good teams abroad, and I want to create opportunities myself.”

I have someone I can rely on for the rest of my life. Although they did not hold a wedding ceremony, they registered their marriage with Soyeon from group T-ara. Cho Yoo-min said, “(My wife) does it well without any shortcomings. When I’m having a hard time, he takes care of me so well and allows me to focus only on my workouts. I think this is the reason why I was able to achieve good results last year,” he said, expressing his gratitude to his wife.

Motivation is great. We have to prove it again in Part 1. Cho Yoo-min said, “You have to spur yourself more and motivate yourself. I want to hear that I am doing well so that I can achieve my goals, not just what I realized and felt during the World Cup, but put into practice. I want to show that I have developed and grown to become a better player,” he said, stressing, “My goal is to be in the best 11.”

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