NC Dinos delivered 24 million won worth of hoodies to 11 baseball teams, including Yongmago and Kimhaego

NC Dinos visited 11 high school baseball teams in the region and provided clothing for the New Year.

NC, which provides baseball supplies and clothing to local baseball teams for the development of amateur baseball, donated a total of 2,400 won to 11 baseball teams this year, including Masan Yongma High School, Masan High School, Gimhae High School, Ulsan Technical High School BC, Mul Safe, Gunsan Commercial High School, and Jeon High School. 456 hoodies worth 10,000 won were produced and delivered. The gift hoodie contains the logo of the NC club and the logo of each school. 메이저사이트

Jeong Ji-seong, captain of the Masan Yongma High School baseball team, said, “I am happy to be able to wear a hoodie with the logo of my favorite professional team and school. I will work harder in the future so that I can wear a uniform as a player of the NC Dinos and play at Changwon NC Park.”

Lim Seon-nam, general manager of the NC Dinos, said, “Recently, many players from the local area have stood out and are entering the professional team. I think one of the roles of a professional team is to help amateur players in our hometown to train in a better environment. I will continue to think about what kind of help I can provide for the development of local amateur baseball in the future and continue to support it.”

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