‘Next Generation MB Prospect’ Kim Se-bin’s pledge “Work hard with a sense of responsibility”

Hanbom High School Kim Se-bin, who is attracting attention as the next-generation middle blocker in women’s volleyball, has one year left in high school this year.

Amateur volleyball, which has been difficult due to Corona 19 in recent years, has been revived since 2022. It has been a long time since I went to an international competition, and 4 national teams of each age participated in the Asian stage.

Among them, there is a player who was selected for both the women’s U18 national team and the U20 national team and played an active role in the center. Kim Se-bin (3rd grade, 188cm, MB) of Han Bom’s high school was a key player in both age groups and was selected as the best middle blocker at the Asian Women’s U18 Volleyball Championship.

Last year, she played a leading role in helping Hanbom High record her five crowns. Sebin Kim, who is in her junior year this year, is put in a position where she has to lead her team as her captain, and she is having a busy winter break. 온라인바카라

In December of last year, she participated in the 2022 national volleyball national candidate winter camp training organized by the Korea Volleyball Association, and is returning to her team. She held on January 13 last year, She 2023 She also participated in the Okcheon Perfume Pear Winter Stove League.

Kim Se-bin, who is about to enter her final year of high school, said, “The thought that she is in the third year is mentally burdensome for her, but she also felt a sense of responsibility to do better. She wants to work hard by aligning herself with her teammates more,” she said, expressing her changed mindset.

In addition, she added, “I think she will do well this year if she goes better in time for this winter break. She supplements her blocking and is adding to her one-leg attack practice,” she said, adding that she needed more.

There were parts that got better. Serve accuracy increased. Not only did he shake the opponent’s receive, but he also showed a scene where he directly scored a serve. He himself laughed, saying, “It has improved a lot,” and said, “Before, I thought I would only put it inside my coat. Now, I set a course and practice hitting.”

Hanbom High School showed the aspect of being the absolute best in the girls’ high school by recording all crowns in all the competitions it participated in last year, and we want to continue that momentum this year. In addition, as he is in his third year of high school, he is about to participate in the draft.

Kim Se-bin said, “I want to win all the competitions that my team members participate in as one. Also, I hope that my 3rd graders get good results this year and everything goes well.”

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