Openly biased against the United States, an unequal fight…is it the WBC Baseball World Cup?

 Alignment change for the United States, unequivocal matchup… The authority of the tournament is gradually declining.

The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is running toward its finale. In one of the two matches in the semifinals, the United States defeated Cuba. On the 21st (Korean time), the winners of Japan and Mexico will meet the United States in the final.

As Korea was eliminated in the group stage, domestic 온라인바카라fans may have lost interest in the tournament. In addition, the management and method of competitions are also undermining credibility.

First of all, it is uncomfortable that it is becoming a party for the United States. The WBC is a tournament created by the US Major League Baseball to promote baseball. Basically, the U.S. needs to do well to increase the effect of hosting the Games.

However, it openly lowered the dignity of the competition. Using the broadcasting schedule as an excuse, the semifinal schedule and opponent were changed. Originally, according to the rules of the tournament, the United States had to face Japan in the quarterfinals. However, perhaps worried about the scenario of meeting the mighty Japan and being eliminated in the semifinals, they suddenly changed the US matchup to meet Cuba. The plan to go all the way to the finals seemed too obvious. Does any prestigious competition change the rules that were set during the competition? With this, all the authority of this WBC tournament has been lost.

And the semi-final match between the United States and Cuba was a very disappointing game. The skill gap was great. Cuba reaching the semifinals itself is another nonsense of this tournament. Groups A and B played in Tokyo and Taipei. Two teams out of 10 were to advance to the semifinals, but the difference between them and the other teams in Groups C and D was too great. In Groups C and D, baseball powerhouses such as the United States, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico are concentrated. Here, Mexico’s power is not easy.

With the exception of Japan, no matter which team in Groups A or B advances to the semifinals, there is a difference in level. Cuba defeated Australia to advance to the semifinals. Compared to the quarterfinals on the other side, it was an amateur level match. So, the quarterfinals and Group C and D group matches were more exciting than the semifinals, which should have been more fun. The guillotine match between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in the group stage, the quarterfinal match between Mexico and Puerto Rico, and the quarterfinal match between the United States and Venezuela thrilled fans with very close matches reminiscent of the finals.

For a true Baseball World Cup, it seems much better to have all the teams gather in one region and play group games than the current way. It can be a fair competition only when seeds are given by ranking or strength, and the rest of the teams are evenly distributed.

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