‘Papa leadership’ that led Choi Hye-jin and Kim Min-gyu to victory

There is a leader famous for ‘papa leadership’ in the Korean golf world. Lee Kyung-hoon is a swing coach who has trained numerous students since 2005. Judging that he could not become like Choi Kyung-ju, a living legend and old friend of Korean men’s golf who won a total of 8 wins on the PGA Tour, he transformed into a leader and transformed into a leader, including Choi Hye-jin (24), Kim Min-gyu (22), and Kim Se-young (30). made them champions on major tours around the world, including the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour, and the American Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour.

The disciples who have been taught by this coach say that he is “like a father.” There was a clear reason why the disciples had one voice. Like parents who love their children without expecting anything in return, he pours everything into his disciples.

Coach Lee said, “I often feel sorry for my students who give up most of the things they want to do to achieve their dream of being a professional golfer and devote themselves to practice. That’s why I try to do the best I can for my students.” I feel the most rewarding as a leader when I hear this. I think I have been living as leader Lee Kyung-hoon for 19 years to feel this happiness.”

Coach Lee, who became a professional in 1994, dreamed of becoming a professional golfer on the Korean Tour, just like Kyung-Joo Choi, who he spent his trainee days with. However, as time passed he found his passion for golf to be waning and decided to turn to his coaching career. He said, “Looking at Choi Kyung-ju, I felt that I could never succeed as a professional golfer without a special passion.” “I was thinking about what I like the most and what I am good at, and I realized that I was interested in teaching someone. Later, while guiding players at the Choi Gyeong-ju Foundation, I started walking the path of a leader in earnest,” he explained. 먹튀검증

The person who influenced this coach the most was Choi Kyung-ju. I learned the importance of his hard work as I watched Choi Kyung-ju, whom I met as a trainee in 1987, become a player that the world pays attention to. Coach Lee said, “I haven’t seen anyone with such great passion for golf as Kyung-ju Choi. Kyung-ju Choi, who works hard with the conviction that he will achieve anything, is really amazing.” said.

There is something to emphasize to his disciples that their mouths are worn out. In order to play golf well, you have to overcome the process of turning awkwardness into familiarity. He said, “If I don’t have faith and confidence in my swing and putt, I can never send the ball where I want. Familiarity leads to confidence.” It is for the sake of. In order to achieve your dream as a professional golfer, you must go through this process.”

Another important thing to consider is personality. Coach Lee said, “No matter how good your skills are, if you don’t have a good personality, it’s hard to get a high evaluation as a professional golfer. You have to be a person first.”

In order to maintain a good relationship with his students, who are at least 20 years old and at most 30 years old, Coach Lee is making various efforts. Coach Lee said, “I don’t think you can ever get close to them if you don’t understand their culture. It’s the same reason I continue to be interested in things that are popular among teenagers and 20s.” I will never stop trying to become a capable leader.”

Is it through the efforts of this coach? Even after becoming veterans, most of my students contact me frequently or ask for advice directly. Choi Hye-jin, Kim Min-gyu, and Lee Ga-young (24) even confided in Coach Lee what they couldn’t say to their parents and friends.

Coach Lee said, “I don’t think there’s anything as satisfying as having faith in each other between a teacher and a teacher. I’m grateful for the disciples who always follow me well.” I want to remain as a leader who can be easily contacted at any time, not just a short-lived relationship.”

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