Participated in an official competition after 7 months… Woods “I’m not a PR ambassador, my goal is to win”

The goal is to win” Tiger Woods, the ‘Emperor of Golf’ who will participate in an official tournament after 7 months.

Woods will participate in the Genesis Invitational, a ‘special tournament’ on the PGA Tour, held at the Riviera Country Club (par 71) in Pacific Palisades near Los Angeles, California for four days from the 17th (Korean time).

Prior to the tournament, Woods attended an official press conference on the 15th. At this meeting, Woods expressed his strong will to win, saying, “My goal is to win the tournament as long as I have participated in it.” 메이저놀이터

After competing in this event two years ago, Woods was involved in a car accident in which his car overturned, putting his player’s life in jeopardy. Due to his physical condition, he competed in only three majors last year.

Woods announced his return to the PGA Tour after 7 months since the Open in July of last year. It is the first time in two years and four months since the Zojo Championship in October 2020 that he will compete in a general competition rather than a major tournament.

However, his physical condition is still not perfect due to the aftermath of the car accident. However, since he announced his return, Woods did not focus only on his participation in the tournament. Woods said, “I don’t understand the situation in which people are told that they are great just by passing the cut.” .

At the same time, Woods said, “My leg condition has improved a lot compared to last year.” Every day is hard, but my legs are getting stronger. It has improved a lot over the past few months,” he explained of his leg condition.

Woods starts the first round of the tournament at 5:04 am on the 17th in a group with his close friends Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas.

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