Peddie, NC in the midst of melting… ‘Building friendship’ with Kim Si-hoon

Reporter Kim Hee-joon = NC Dinos’ new foreign pitcher Eric Peddy (30), who is about to debut in the KBO League, is in the midst of adapting to a new environment at spring camp.

NC replaced all foreign pitchers after the 2022 season. Pedy and Taylor Widener, who have big league experience, were newly recruited.

NC, which sent Drew Luchinski, who played an active role as an ace from 2019 to last year, to the Oakland Athletics in the Major League (MLB), expects Peddie to take on the role of first starter this year.

Peddie played in the big leagues from 2017 to 2022. He recorded 21 wins, 33 losses, and an earned run average of 5.41 in 102 MLB career games (88 starts).

Peddie, who was active as the team’s fifth starter when Washington won the World Series in 2019, played as the fifth starter last year and started in 27 games, recording an average of 5.81 ERA with 6 wins and 13 losses.

Adaptation is the key for Peddy to play the role of the first starter as expected by NC. Peddie, who was training individually in the United States, joined the NC spring camp that started on the 1st and is in the midst of adaptation.

First of all, Peddy showed a quick adaptation to the KBO league’s official ball by conducting two bullpen pitches.

In his first bullpen pitch, Peddy threw 26 pitches at 80 percent. His highest fastball velocity was 143 km/h. In the second bullpen pitching, 35 balls were sprayed with an intensity of 80-90%, and the highest fastball speed came out to 149.8 km per hour.

After the first bullpen pitch, Peddy expressed satisfaction, saying, “Compared to the MLB official ball, it is not slippery and has a sticky feel, which is good.”

Catcher Park Se-hyeok, who caught Pedi’s ball during his second bullpen pitch, also gave a thumbs up.

Park Sae-hyeok said, “Peddy’s ball moves very well. It seems that it will be difficult for hitters to respond,” and gave an evaluation saying, “It has a variety of changing balls, so the location would be good in practice.” 바카라사이트

Director Kang In-kwon, who personally inspected Pedi’s ball, was also satisfied. Director Kang said, “Peddy and Widener seem to be of different types. Pedi seems to move the ball well, and Widener is a pitcher with good pitches.” said.

Peddie is also working on making friends with his co-workers. On the first day of rest on the 3rd, I had a separate dinner with NC right-hander Kim Si-hoon.

After joining the spring camp, the player Pedy became closest to was Kim Si-hoon. After seeing the two of them getting along, Han Dong-hee, manager of the NC international business team, suggested a place for dinner, and Peddy and his girlfriend accompanied him and spent time with Kim Si-hoon while eating steak at a restaurant near the athlete’s accommodation.

Peddy asked Kim Si-hoon, who graduated from Masan Middle School and Masan High School and plays for NC, his hometown team, “How about playing for the hometown team?”

Kim Si-hoon, who promised to help Pedi in his Masan life, introduced Muhaksan Mountain near Changwon NC Park when Pedi’s girlfriend said that she likes sports and mountain climbing.

Pedy, who learned Korean while spending time with Kim Si-hoon, even used it during training. Kim Si-hoon, who found Pedi struggling while running, asked in English, “Are you okay?”, and Pedi answered in Korean, “No, it’s not okay”, making the crowd laugh.

If Pedi, who is trying to adapt outside of the game, makes a soft landing in the KBO league, it is expected to help NC fill the void left by Luchinski.

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