‘Physical 100’ Kim Ji-han “Why did I say I was doing it…”

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This program has become a hot topic recently.

There is a volleyball player who appeared in ‘Physical: 100’.

Reporter Lee Myung-no met Woori Card’s Kim Ji-han, who is famous for being a ‘Jangchung Idol’.

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This is Kim Ji-han, an up-and-coming rookie of Woori Card. 메이저놀이터

Increase the weight… I’m sincere, but…

The atmosphere around is somehow strange.

“Jihan is exercising for the first time.”

“Wow… Ji-han is said to be sweating?”

[Kim Ji-han/Woori Card]
“No, I usually do it like this. I sweat a lot today.”

There is a reason for the reaction of colleagues.

[Oh Jae-seong / Woori Card]
“The kids say (Physical: 100) came out, but I didn’t see it haha”

He appeared as the only volleyball player on the survival program ‘Physical 100’, which became a hot topic recently, but was eliminated at the beginning, so the length of the broadcast was 30 seconds It was everything.

[Kim Ji-han/Woori Card]
“In the waiting room on the day of filming… Everyone’s bodies are so big and angular. (When they appear) they just say ‘wow’, ‘wow’… (People) only I didn’t know. From then on, I felt left out. started.”

In fact, it was not an easy challenge for a volleyball player.

“I thought, ‘Why did I say that?’… I thought to some extent that there would be people with good bodies, but that’s it… (but) I think it went well.’

Still, he is a popular star recognized in the volleyball world.

‘Kim Ji-han John’, who can take pictures with ‘Ji-Han Kim’, who can take pictures with him, is recording cases where every game is sold out. [

Ji-Han Kim/Our Card]
“(Popular) these days I’m realizing it. There are a lot of things like cheering phrases and contact messages… (When taking pictures after the game) I see and feel that there are so many fans.”

Kim Ji-han, who also played a ‘preliminary serve showdown’ with Lim Seong-jin, a friend of the same age born in 1999, and energized the popularity of men’s volleyball.

[Kim Ji-han/Woori Card]
“We gave each other (sub-aces) one by one like this, saying, ‘What does it mean to be good friends? It feels like I helped her.”

Now I want to be recognized for my skills.

[Kim Ji-han/Woori Card]
“(The goal) is, of course, to go to the playoffs and go to the championship game. I will become a player who is reborn as the ace of the team.”

This is Lee Myeong-no of MBC News.

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