‘Playing Life’ The father blew the trumpet for his daughter, Santana presented Seungri and IBK presented memories 

My father’s trumpet playing, which I had listened to every day since I was a child, resonated in the distant foreign land of Korea. His father blew the trumpet for his daughter even before the game started, and her daughter gifted the victory by scoring 25 points, the most for both teams in front of her father.

IBK Industrial Bank won a set score 3-1 (25-20 14-25 25-19 25-14) against GS Caltex in the 5th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 season V-League held at the Hwaseong Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 16th. .

IBK Industrial Bank invited her father for Santana, who has recently fallen into a slump, and Santana reciprocated with a changed appearance. Supported by his father, Santana performed remarkably well in the match. Especially in the 4th set, he showed an attack success rate approaching 70% and made his father smile. 바카라사이트

When IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s victory was confirmed by Choi Jeong-min’s blocking, Santana’s father, who was in the crowd, jumped up from his seat and blew a trumpet for joy. On the court, shoulder to shoulder with his teammates and celebrating victory, Santana turned and smiled at the sound of his father’s trumpet.

And he warmly hugged his father who came down to the court and shared the joy of victory. The father was also proud of his daughter who had won in a foreign land far away from Korean fans. After waving and thanking the home fans chanting Santana, he picked up his trumpet and started playing again.

The IBK Industrial Bank players enjoyed the victory while listening to Santana’s father play and giving high-fives to the home fans.

After the game, Santana was moved, saying, “My father’s performance, which I have always listened to since I was a child, has been a great source of strength.” Santana’s father took a photo shoot with IBK Corporate Bank players to commemorate the victory, and coach Kim Ho-cheol and his colleagues presented unforgettable memories by posing for Santana and his father.

On the other hand, IBK Industrial Bank recorded 12 wins and 17 losses (37 points) with the victory that day, and caught up with 5th place GS Caltex (39 points) with a difference of 2 points, showing its will not to give up spring volleyball yet.

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