“Please retire! It’s ugly!” → Fans are angry at 42-year-old ST who delays retirement

 It seems that even soccer fans are angry now. 온라인카지노When news of the injury of AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who was procrastinating for retirement, was reported, he urged him to retire.

The Daily Star reported on the 24th that Zlatan was injured. Fans reported that he thought he could retire after a stellar career. Of course, Zlatan fanatics fear that he will take off his boots for good after his setback.

Zlatan is continuing his stellar career after rejoining AC Milan in January 2020. However, after his last season, he is recovering from surgery. Because of that, he only played in 4 games this season. Born in 1981, he now feels like he has reached the end of his football career.

Due to his age and the aftermath of his injury, Zlatan’s appearances are getting fewer and fewer. The last game he stepped on the ground was a month ago. His last appearance was for Sweden in a Euro 2024 qualifier against Belgium.

His last appearance in Serie A was against Udinese on 18 March. He has been out of action for over a month.

However, when reports recently emerged that Zlatan was injured, fans are now calling for his retirement. A Milan media reported, “Zlatan is injured. He will undergo a medical test to determine the extent of his injury.”

After this news, fans had many opinions that he should retire at this time. One fan wrote, “Zlatan, I love you all over the world, but you cannot defy age and time. Now is the time to make increasingly wise decisions. It is becoming more likely that the curtain on your amazing career will be pulled down.”

Fans who say they love Zlatan also say, “We love you. lion! You’ve had an amazing career, but I think it’s time to take a break and watch your sons do great things.”

Also, fans said, “It ended sadly. Zlatan, it’s time to drop your boots and retire peacefully. You are a legend” or “Andrea Bocelli was right. It’s time to break up now.” The reference to Bocelli seems to be an allusion to his song ‘Time to Say Goodbye’.

Meanwhile, AC Milan have advanced to the semi-finals of the Champions League. After winning against Napoli last week, they advanced to the semi-finals. Zlatan has yet to win the Champions League with AC Milan.

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