“Please wait for Yu-chan” Heo Gyeong-min’s dignity, this is the captain

Heo Gyeong-min (33) is the captain of the Doosan Bears this season. He was selected by manager Lee Seung-yeop, who was appointed as the command tower this year, and wore the captain’s armband for the first time after his debut. There was a good reason for this director’s choice. “He always thinks of leadership and team first, and is a player who can act as a bridge between the front desk, the coaching staff, and the team,” he explained.

Qualifications are sufficient. Since joining in 2009,메이저사이트 he has never taken off his Doosan uniform. Ahead of the 2021 season, he signed a free agent (FA) contract for up to 7 years and 8.5 billion won, and was guaranteed a’Doosan Man’ until the 2027 season when he turned 37 years old. His affection for his team is so great that his teammates also have a lot of trust.

Heo Kyung-min, who has personally felt the leadership of seniors who have been captains such as Hong Seong-heun, Oh Jae-won, Yang Eui-ji, and Kim Jae-hwan, is tying the team together in his own way. Giving a voice for the growth of his junior players is also an extension of that. He also asked the fans to support Lee Yoo-chan (25), who is playing as the team’s starting shortstop this season.

Lee Yu-chan is starting as the starting pitcher, but Doosan’s shortstop competition is still going on. Veteran Kim Jae-ho and rookie Ahn Jae-seok are also preparing for a sortie at any time. Heo Kyung-min, who is well aware of the characteristics of a shortstop where stability is the most important, sincerely hoped that Yoo-chan would play with confidence. He confidently said, “(Lee) Yoo-chan is a player with energy that others do not have.”

The Captain’s praise continued. Heo Gyeong-min said, “If you look at the record, it may seem lacking, but please wait a little bit.” Please support him a lot,” he said, reviving his junior spirit. The dignity of the captain who keeps an eye on the entire team and hopes for mutual growth is conveyed as it is.

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