‘Prize King’ Kim Yeong-soo “Put a tee on both sides of the ball and practice putt impact” 

“Impact is important for putting.”

Kim Young-soo (34) won his first championship in 11 years of his professional debut at the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour Genesis Championship in October last year. Here, he won the Genesis Grand Prize and the prize money king, becoming the brightest star. Kim Young-soo is so confident in his putting that he says, “The driving force behind my good performance last year was putting.” He averaged 1.76 putts per hole when he hit the green last year. This corresponds to the 6th place in the Korean Tour putt category. 안전놀이터

The secret to putting that he picked himself is ‘impact’. Kim Young-soo said, “The putting stroke is important, but the stroke cannot be perfect. If you have practiced strokes to some extent, you need to pay attention to impact.” He explained the reason, “It is because you have to touch so that the force can be transmitted 100% so that the ball is sent in the desired direction and the distance is better matched.”

Kim Young-soo said, “After setting a goal or putting an imaginary dot in front of the ball 20 to 30 cm, do not stop accelerating in that direction and confidently send the ball with the feeling that you will hit it to the end.” If you care, the ball will hit straight.”

Kim Young-soo also revealed his own putting practice method on the practice green ahead of the game. When practicing short putts within 3m, he putts with tees on both sides of the ball. When you stand at address, there are tees in the top and bottom of the ball. Kim Young-soo said, “If you putt like that, the golf club can’t pass the tee and gets caught, only hitting the ball. At that time, the feeling of hitting the ball with the putter is the impact,” he said. “It is a good practice method to feel the impact of hitting the ball without lengthening the stroke.”

He said, “It is also essential to know the distance of long putts such as 10m and 15m.” This is because amateurs make far more long putts than pros because their shots are less accurate. Kim Young-soo said, “I recommend practicing long putts first and then focusing on impact when doing short putts.”

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