‘Promotion Season Captain’ Daejeon Yoo-min Jo “Now I’m worried about ‘relegation’… Remaining is a realistic goal”

 Cho Yoo-min (26), who had the happiest year of 2022, now runs towards the goal of ‘remaining’ on a new stage. 

At the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp held at the Samsung Hotel in Geoje, Gyeongnam on the 13th, Cho Yu-min said, “When I interviewed here last year, I said that Daejeon is a team that must be promoted, and I am grateful and sincerely happy that I was able to do so. As much as they do a lot, the players are well aware of it, and it is not the end, but we have to realize that it is a team with potential to compete in K-League 1, and we have to work hard. The players are well aware of that, so they are working hard during this winter training.” told

Cho Yoo-min, who led Daejeon’s promotion last season as captain, had the happiest year of accomplishing everything he wanted to do, including achieving the promotion he had aimed for, advancing to the World Cup with the national team and getting married.

Now, ahead of 2023, Jo Yoo-min hands over the captain’s armband to Joo Se-jong and sets out to challenge K-League 1 for survival.

The following is Jo Yu-min’s Q&A.

– Last year, everything was accomplished.

The goals and plans set at the beginning of the season, as well as the big and small goals during the season, were all accomplished thankfully. After experiencing and achieving this, he has a vision that that is not all. I personally have many goals and plans for this season, but the most important match now, the first goal is to remain in the city. Personally, I have to work harder to stay with the national team. My biggest goal is to develop my competitiveness in the national team.

– Joo Se-jong was fully recruited and became a team player.

Sejong-hyung joined the team during the season, so he must have had a lot of difficulties and worries personally, but I feel that he did very well, unlike a player who came in the middle. It gave the players a lot of encouragement to the point where I thought it would have been harder for us to get promoted if Sejong hyung hadn’t come to our team in the middle.

I was so happy that Sejong-hyung stayed in Daejeon, and I thought he would stay. Sejong hyung said he would never leave us, and he was so reassuring that he stayed.

– Competitiveness in the K-League 1.

Besides us, there are players who have done well in the K-League 1. I think the director believed in that and said, “I can show better competitiveness.”

There was a reputation that we had a lot of good players in the K-League 2. K-League 1 and K-League 2 have different game management and tempo, so I think I can show a good enough figure if I adapt quickly and play.

– Current location in Daejeon.

With promotion, you have to worry about relegation. Until last year, I said that Daejeon is a team that must be promoted and must look beyond that to win, but with the K-League 1 promotion, it is an honest reality that we are now worried about remaining and aiming to remain. 메이저놀이터

This isn’t wrong or wrong. Realistically, if the players, clubs, and coaches understand well and prepare well like the efforts they made for promotion together, they will be able to challenge for a higher position thinking that there will be plenty of potential.

– Desire to advance overseas.

there is. As a player, going to a better stage, team, or league is a natural goal. However, in order to grow that dream, I personally think that I have to work harder and show a better image. Rather than just raising my dream, I think I have to show a good image first in the position where I am realistically.

-What is your attitude as a challenger?

There is no major change in the atmosphere from last year. The atmosphere of promotion is continuing because the range of player change is small. It is known outside that the coach trains very hard and strong. I feel that he has softened a lot this year in my experience.

If I go out to the training ground and the atmosphere is low, I feel that the coach is trying to approach me softly, although the coach used to intimidate me. I think it will have a good effect on the players.

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