“Sacrificial lamb kicked out because of Ronaldo?”… The Hidden ‘Great Reversal’ Story

 When Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia, news continued that a ‘scapegoat’ appeared.

The main character was Vincent Abubaka, the striker of Cameroon’s national team. Local media reported that “Al-Nasr canceled the contract with Abubaka in order to meet the number of foreign players registered. He is a scapegoat for Ronaldo’s recruitment.” Because of this, he was forced to be labeled as an unfortunate striker who was kicked out due to the recruitment of a superstar.

But this wasn’t the truth. Abubaqa, who left Al Nasr to join Türkiye Besiktas, revealed the truth himself. It contains the story of ‘The Great Reversal’. 온라인카지노

He told ‘Talents d’Afrique’: “I spoke with Ronaldo at the time. His opinion was that he wanted me to stay at Al Nasr. He persuaded me to stay with the team.”

“I told Ronaldo that I was leaving Al Nasr for my family. Ronaldo asked me where my family was. I said my family is in France and I would prefer to go to Turkey for my family.” added.

Only then did Ronaldo nod his head. “When I told Ronaldo about my family, he told me it would be better to go to Turkey,” Abubaka recalled.

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