Samsung finished 4 consecutive matches against Japanese team Okinawa

The professional baseball Samsung Lions  are conducting field training in Okinawa, Japan.

The camp started in earnest with the beginning of February, and  Samsung, which quickly raised the team early,  has been playing practice matches against the Japanese professional baseball team  . On February 19th, Samsung, who suffered straight losses  to Nippon Ham and Chunichi in the previous three head-to-head matches,  faced the Hanshin Tigers. This is reporter Seok Won from Okinawa, Japan. ◀Reporter▶ Samsung Lions, the only team out of the 10 KBO League teams  to hold a camp only in Okinawa. Samsung, which had a practice game ten days after setting up the camp,  continued four consecutive matches against the Japanese team. Face-to-face with Hanshin after 3 consecutive losses.  Oh Seung-hwan, who played for Hanshin in the past, does not play in the game, but  he met his old teammates after a long time as he was with them on the away road  . ◀Samsung Lions Oh Seung-hwan▶ “It’s been a while since I came to the Hanshin Baseball Stadium, so  there aren’t many staff and players left.  Rather, the players I played with  are now coaching, so it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them.  메이저사이트

There are employees, so I’m saying hello to them by welcoming them 

.” Compared to the Japanese teams who improved their physical condition,  Samsung, who was still silent,  even collapsed the mound and lost 0-10.

4 consecutive losses against Japanese professional teams.  The game is ◀Samsung Lions coach Park Jin-man  ▶ “When you play games, you need to  train more because of this  . when doing. At the same time,  the players may be a little more stressed, but  I think they should feel more of that lacking part  .” Samsung and the Japanese team face off with clear tasks and homework.  From the end of this month, the Lions  will continue their practice matches with KBO league teams.This  is Seok-won from MBC News in Okinawa (Video coverage by Lee Dong-sam/Okinawa, Japan).

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