Shabby reality of KBO, can runners stay still

Then, should runners just stand still?

This is the reality of the KBO League. When I go to international competitions, I lose to amateur players, and even though I receive an astronomical salary, I only talk about useless things, so there is no progress.

Hanwha Eagles coach Subero tilted his head. The match between Hanwha and KIA Tigers on the 11th. Hanwha’s attack in the top of the 10th inning. In the 2nd, 2nd and 3rd base situation, Hanwha 3rd base runner Moon Hyun-bin increased the lead. An act intended to confuse pitchers who need to pay attention to pitching. Of course, it is not illegal (?) in baseball. The essence of baseball is to deceive and make the opponent uncomfortable in order to win.

The problem is that KIA lost after an extra game, 메이저사이트and KIA captain Kim Sun-bin said something to Hanwha captain Jung Woo-ram. On the 12th, coach Subero expressed his uncomfortable feeling about this scene. It was that he did not understand that KIA had protested the play against Moon Hyun-bin.

Coach Subero is being criticized for changing a pitcher at the beginning of the season that does not fit the sentiment of Korean baseball. Of course, there is no right answer for pitcher replacement. However, the results are not good, so as a manager, it is right to take full responsibility. Leaving this aside, it is a separate issue for Subero to feel uncomfortable about this situation. I think it is a lack of responsibility as a director to not address this issue, regardless of domestic or foreign directors.

There is an unwritten rule in baseball. This is similar across the United States, Korea and Japan. For example, a team that is already losing due to a very large score difference raises the white flag, but it is not allowed to steal the base.

But was Moon Hyun-bin’s play a violation of this unwritten rule? Shouldn’t she have had to play more than this in order to win in the position of Hanwha, who had to break her losing streak somehow.

KIA’s explanation was absurd. At the Athletes Association meeting, it was said that runners should not act on the pitcher’s nerves. what kind of query is this Of course, I was dissatisfied, so I went to the opponent who was celebrating victory. I don’t understand Jung Woo-ram’s reaction either. He said that the opponent made a ridiculous protest about his team’s hard play, but the next day, he was busy passing it off as no problem, saying that they solved it well.

Partner spirit is good. We need to help each other and play without getting hurt. The fact that runners make the pitcher uncomfortable also comes out in certain situations, not all of them raise issues because they lose or get on their nerves.

This issue has nothing to do with partnership spirit. At the Athletes Association meeting, it is questionable why such a discussion came out. As mentioned above, baseball is originally a sport that makes each other uncomfortable and catches the win. It is an act of deceiving the fans to just play baseball comfortably and make money without these things. In the eyes of foreign directors, it is understandable that this situation is difficult to understand. Regardless of Hanwha’s performance, it seems that coach Subero’s point was correct. It’s just a matter of degrading the KBO league.

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