Sky72 proposes transfer of business to secure the livelihood of tenants and caddies

Sky72 guarantees the same conditions for at least 3 years to Incheon International Airport Corporation on the 6th to maintain the livelihood of 1,100 related workers, including tenants, subcontractors, and caddies, whose livelihoods have been hit by the forced enforcement of the sea course. On the condition of resuming course business, business transfer was proposed.

According to Sky72 on the 7th, as the business of Badacos was suspended due to the compulsory execution of the Incheon International Airport Corporation in January, about 1,100 tenants and caddies, workers from subcontractors such as beautification, security, facilities, lesson pro, and course regular workers lost their jobs. Lost, and thousands of their families are threatened with livelihood. 토토사이트

In addition, Incheon International Airport Corporation has not filed a separate lawsuit against the tenant, so there is no enforcement right. Even if additional compulsory enforcement or the cancellation of registration by Incheon City does not resolve the dispute with the lessee, subsequent businesses will not be able to operate normally.

In response, Sky72 proposed an alternative to Incheon International Airport Corporation to resolve the dispute peacefully, and requested active mediation from Incheon City, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

What Sky72 requests is, first of all, if the legal status of related workers, such as lessees, subcontractors, caddies, and employees, is guaranteed under the same conditions as the current one for at least three years, transfer of business to a successor business, and Actively cooperate with the process of succession to the status of the sports facility business.

In addition, it requested that the business of the sea course be resumed immediately in order to maintain the livelihood of related workers and prevent damage to the golf course until the process of business transfer and subsequent succession of the status of the sports facility business is completed peacefully.

Sky72 asked Incheon International Airport Corporation to stipulate that it would guarantee the succession and status of related workers under the same conditions as the present for at least three years through a business transfer contract or a separate document that fulfills its promise.

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