Sold out, sold out, sold out! Bloody battle in the 7th round of the championship match after 14 years → 6G consecutive crowds… KBL’s Spring Comes Again 

It was sold out, sold out, sold out, sold out, sold out, sold out.

The 2022-23 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship Match between Anyang KGC and Seoul SK was heated with great enthusiasm.

According to KBL,카지노사이트 all seats at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium and Jamsil Student Gymnasium were sold out from the second game to the seventh game of the championship match. In particular, 5,905 people entered the 7th game, which was held for the first time in 14 years since the 2008-09 season, setting a record for the most spectators this season.

A whopping 31,154 fans visited the stadium during the seven championship matches. average of 5294. It was two weeks as if KBL, where fans’ footsteps were less than before due to Corona 19, found spring again.

▲ 2022-23 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Championship Crowd Status

Anyang_Game 1 / 4312 people

Anyang_Game 2 / 5286 people sold out

Jamsil_Game 3 / 5206 people sold out

Jamsil_Game 4 / 5211 people sold out

Jamsil_Game 5 / 5289 People sold out

Anyang _ 6 rounds / 5850 people sold out

Anyang _ 7 rounds / 5905 people sold out

It was KBL that found the heat before the Corona 19 era. KGC and SK fans cheered for victory wearing the playoff/championship match T-shirts prepared by the club. KGC and SK players served with the best performance, and in the 7th game, they even went through an overtime battle.

Even until the playoffs, KBL was full of concerns because there was not much news of full crowds. However, this season alone, KGC, SK, and ‘K-Derby’, which met 14 times in the regular league, EASL Champions Week, and the championship match, were different. It was a heated championship match after a long time, to the extent that there was even a war of nerves among the fans.

Has spring come again to KBL? Or is it just a temporary rise in popularity due to the championship match? Now is the time for KBL, clubs, and players to continue the current trend. The end of the season is fantastic.

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