Special designation → trade → FA compensation player, weight is a hot topic… No one knows his weight 

Question) What is the real weight of Yun Ho-sol, who is listed as 99kg in the KBO profile?

(1) 99kg (2) 110kg (3) 120kg (4) 130kg (5) Impossible

The LG Twins sent free agent Chae Eun-seong to Hanwha last winter. Hanwha signed a 6-year, 9 billion won FA contract with Chae Eun-sung. LG brought bullpen pitcher Yun Ho-sol as a compensation player for the departed fourth hitter.

Yun Ho-sol joined the team in 2013 after receiving a priority nomination for the new team of the 9th team NC. He was effectively number one overall at the time. A promising player who received a contract payment of 600 million won. However, in 2014, he started only two games and spent a long time due to injuries and surgeries, and was later traded to Hanwha.

Yun Ho-sol appeared in more than 50 games in Hanwha in 2021 and 2022, recording 8 holds and 7 holds, recording decent results in the bullpen. He’s positioned as a bullpen pitcher with a fast ball. However, he moved to LG again as a compensation player.

On the 2nd, the San Francisco Giants Baseball Complex in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Yun Ho-sol warmed up with his new teammates, played catch, and conducted his first training session of camp.

After the training, Yun Ho-sol said, “It’s the first day of camp, and I had fun exercising. He seems to make the atmosphere fun, so I think it will help him adjust. During warm-up, catch ball, and defense training, the kids and older brothers talked about how good they were and had fun.”

There are still some unknowns. Yun Ho-sol said, “It’s a little awkward. (Kim) Jin-seong hyung, who I was with at NC, Woo Chan-hyung, who was my senior in high school for 2 years, and (Ham) Deok-joo have been close since before, and (Bae) Jae-joon and (Kim) Yoo-yeong are the same age. “Son Ho-young is also a motive,” he mentioned LG players with whom he is acquainted. As a

compensation player side by side in the offseason, he is hanging out with Kim Yu-young wearing an LG uniform. He laughed and said, “I played catch ball with Kim Yoo-young.” 먹튀검증

Compensation player at Hanwha Yun Ho-sol said, “I was very surprised. I thought about it once, but I wondered if I could go. I thought I would go.” “I felt bad. The manager’s voice was not good. When I heard that I was going to LG, I was surprised and embarrassed. It was a situation I hadn’t thought of at all.

” Yun Ho-sol said, “I applied for the same uniform size as I did in Hanwha and wore it, but now it feels like the uniform is more spacious. Kim Yong-il’s conditioning coach doesn’t dwell on numbers, but the coach said that if you manage a little, you can lose weight.” When asked about his weight loss,

Yun Ho-sol said, “I haven’t weighed myself yet. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost. People around me say I’ve lost a lot. Before the start of the season or when the US camp ended, I weighed myself.” I plan to measure it.” No one knows Ho-Sol Yun’s current weight.

If so, what is the ideal weight? Yun Ho-sol did not mention numbers, saying, “It was important for me to beat my body. If you have problems with running and throwing a ball because you can’t beat my weight, there must be a change in weight or muscle mass,” he said. “I ran full-time for the past two years. In the summer or when I threw a lot, I felt a bit overwhelmed, but I never lost my body. Redemption came out well. I just need to adjust it so that I can move comfortably. “Weight is just a number,” he explained.

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