“Such defense…why did I lose my job?” Former Tottenham DF’s ’20 minutes X 5 goals’ mockery joke

“Why am I unemployed?”

Former Tottenham defender Danny Rose said this on the 23rd (Korean time) right after Tottenham collapsed against Newcastle by conceding five runs in just 21 minutes, the worst disaster ever.

Tottenham used a four-back, 메이저놀이터not a three-back, for the first time this season in the 32nd round of the English Premier League (EPL) on this day. Pape Sar, born in 2002, started in place of Davinson Sanchez, who made mistakes in the previous game, and as a result, it was the worst number.

Danny Rose, who was in charge of Tottenham’s four-back defense after wearing the Tottenham uniform in 2007, failed to renew the contract after playing for Watford and became invincible since last September, and is currently active as a commentator. “What I thought about throughout the first half was, why am I out of a job?” he told Sky Sports at halftime. It was a joke that made fun of Tottenham’s defensive line, which was doing its worst, saying that he didn’t know why he was cut from such a team. Fans went wild at his sincere jokes delivered in real time.

“What Manager Redknapp told me at the time was that for a back four, you have to have the right players for it. I didn’t fit there and I made a lot of mistakes,” he said. “But what I thought about throughout the first half of today was, ‘Why am I out of work?’ The story of scoring 5 goals in 20 minutes is unheard of in what is called a great club,” he said, expressing great disappointment.

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