Suwon Hyundai Engineering & Construction in the biggest crisis desperately needs to escape the losing streak on the 14th

Women’s professional volleyball Suwon Hyundai E&C, which has only walked the ‘flower road’, is in danger of giving up its leading position that it has maintained for nearly four months by meeting the ‘thorny field road’ at the threshold of spring.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction (61 points, 21 wins and 6 losses), which has never given up the lead, has been running for 15 consecutive wins since the shutout victory in the opening game against Korea Expressway Corporation in Gimcheon on October 22 last year. is getting hit Heungkuk Life Insurance (60 points, 20 wins and 7 losses) in second place is being chased by one point.

Even this is due to the fact that Heungkuk Life Insurance, which had a tie on points, was hit by Hwaseong IBK Industrial Bank the next day after suffering a shocking reverse defeat 2-3 to Gwangju Pepper Savings Bank, the lowest ranked Gwangju Pepper Savings Bank with only 2 wins on the 10th.

Hyundai E&C was able to take the lead with domestic players performing better than expected after Yasmin, a foreign player, received back surgery in December of last year and left the team. However, in the absence of a solver and the deterioration of physical strength of the main players, he recorded two consecutive losses three times and allowed Heungkuk Life Insurance to pursue. 카지노사이트

In particular, on the 7th, he suffered the first shutout loss of the season in a confrontation with Heungkuk Life Insurance, and to make matters worse, Libero Kim Yeon-gyeon, the No. In response, coach Kang Seong-hyung put Montaño, who was recruited as a substitute for Yasmin, into the Pepper Savings Bank match, but it did not live up to expectations.

The future is more of a problem. Hyundai E&C will face off at home on the 14th with Korea Expressway Corporation, which has lost twice last season and once this season. Then, on the 17th, we will meet at the enemy site with the 4th place Daejeon KGC Ginseng Corporation, which also experienced defeat once this season. Korea Expressway Corporation and KGC Ginseng Corporation are competing for 3rd place with a 3-point difference, which is a big burden for Hyundai E&C.

In order to escape the risk of falling, Montaño needs to show off his skills in harmony with his teammates as soon as possible. In addition, setter Dain Kim, who has been shaking in line with the recent team atmosphere, needs stability, and the role of veterans such as Yang Hyo-jin, Hwang Min-kyung, and Hwang Yeon-ju is also important. We need to summon back the tenacity and strong mentality that Yasmin showed at the beginning of Colonel.

Hyundai E&C must win the 5th confrontation of the season against Korea Expressway Corporation unconditionally. If you win this game, you can not only pick up the team atmosphere that has sunk, but also bring a chance for a rebound.

There are still plenty of opportunities. There are 9 games left until the final 6th round, including the remaining 3 matches in the 5th round. It is the time when we need confidence that we can overcome difficulties and achieve a combined victory if we show our concentration without being shaken by the crisis.

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