“Tears come to my eyes when I think of Kang-Nam Yoo…” LG’s best foreigner, Kelly’s special camp

“I thought about it even before the interview… Talking about Yoo Kang-nam makes me feel like crying.”

It seemed that he couldn’t easily accept that he had broken up with a colleague with whom he had been extremely close for four years. He emphasized his congratulatory heart as he left after being treated well, but said that he couldn’t imagine having to stick with the opposing team’s hitter from now on. Casey Kelly (33), the best foreign pitcher in LG’s history, expressed her determination for the 5th season, meeting and parting.

On the 2nd, Kelly completed the second day of spring camp at the Giants Sports Complex in Scottsdale, Arizona. Regarding his unusually colleagues coming to Scottsdale to camp, he said, “I feel so good. There is a time difference when he goes to Korea, and he was quarantined until last year. I feel better when my colleagues come in such a good condition. I want to play the 5th season well at LG and win the Korean Series.”

Then, to the question, ‘How did you spend your off-season?’, he said, “Unlike the past two years, the off-season was long. I took a lot of rest and did a lot of training. He also threw a ball from the mound, but he has already thrown a heavy ball,” he said, emphasizing his confidence in his condition. 토토사이트

It is a symbol of perseverance. Kelly, who first stepped on Korean soil in 2019, earned double-digit wins for four consecutive years and played more than 160 innings. Along with that, he performed more and more brilliantly. Last year, he won the most wins (16 wins) and recorded the lowest average earned run average (2.54) in his personal career. “I always want to be a consistent player,” said Kelly. He believes that the commonality of great baseball players is consistency. I also want to do well consistently, so I always try to follow a routine. My goal for this year is to throw consistently well as I have done so far.”

Kelly emphasized the routine, but there were times when she completely broke the routine because of her team. Kelly stood on the mound after a three-day break in Game 4 of the playoffs (PO) last October. After a good pitching in Game 1 of PO, she forced herself to start Game 4 of PO as she understood the team’s lack of starting pitchers. Kelly said, “For the first time in baseball, I started after only three days off. he was confident He thought it was the best decision I could make for the team.” I felt tired sooner than I thought, but I have no regrets about the appearance at the time.”

At that time, the 4th game of the PO became the last match to form a battery with Yoo Kang-nam, her closest teammate for 4 years. Yoo Kang-nam signed a 4-year, 8 billion won free agent contract with Lotte in November last year and transferred.

When the name Kangnam Yoo came up, Kelly lowered her head and said, “Even before the interview, I thought there would be questions about Gangnam. She said, “I feel like I’m going to cry because she’s trying to talk about Yoo Gang-nam.” A really close and good colleague was treated well. It’s something to celebrate, but it’s also true that it’s sad. We’ve always been together, but now we have to deal with Yoo Kang-nam on another team, Lotte. It still doesn’t touch me,” she revealed.

In addition, he said, “I had lunch with Gangnam the day before I left Korea after the season last year. We also talked about free agency on the spot,” he said. We will keep in touch in the future. As Kangnam was treated well, I will ask him to buy me a meal next time we meet,” she smiled.

The separation was not only Yoo Kang-nam. Chae Eun-seong and Lee Hyeong-jong, who were particularly close to each other, are now wearing different uniforms. Kelly said, “I was especially close with the three. It’s a pity that her close colleagues are gone,” she said. “Dealing with her former colleagues is hard. But at the baseball field, you have to forget about the past and fight. I’m going to tell all three of them not to take any hits on me. Of course I have no intention of being beaten,” she said, burning her fighting spirit.

A new history is ahead. Kelly has already recorded the most wins (58 wins) and the lowest average ERA (2.89) among LG foreign pitchers. Breaking records in innings (697.0) and strikeouts (555) is also approaching. He is expected to become the most consistent foreign pitcher in LG history, exceeding Henry Sosa’s record of 760 innings and 618 strikeouts in the upcoming season.

Kelly said, “I am very proud of playing for LG for 5 years and setting such a good record. But I don’t throw thinking only about the record,” he said. The most important thing is to do what I do on the ballpark every day, stay healthy, and make the team win. And winning is important. I just want to do better in the new season to win.”

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