The atmosphere of a mourning house, the national team blamed themselves saying “I lost because of me. I’m sorry”… Show your fighting spirit until the end

 We blamed each other for being sorry. It’s not over yet. 메이저사이트 You have to do your best until the end and above all, show fighting spirit. 

It is said that the players of the national team blamed each other after losing consecutively to Australia and Japan.

Korea will play its third match against the Czech Republic in the first round of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) at 12:00 noon on the 12th at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. 

Park Kun-woo, who appeared as the team’s representative at the official press conference held before the game, was asked if he had talked about anything with his teammates or encouraged each other after losing the first two games in a row.

He said, “Actually, I lost, but I didn’t have much to say. Captain Hyun-soo hyung kept saying to the players, ‘I lost because I couldn’t do it. I’m sorry,’ so it hurt my heart. He said he was sorry, saying, ‘I lost because of me,’ and it hurt so much.” Captain

Kim Hyun-soo is silent with no hits in 7 at-bats in the match against Australia and Japan. As captain, he seems to have been unable to hide his apologetic feelings from his teammates because he felt a sense of responsibility. Then 

, Park Kun-woo also mentioned the mood of the team ahead of the match with the Czech Republic, saying, “Today’s game is a very important game, so we talked a lot about doing our best to win.” The batting order was drastically changed, Tommy Hyeonsu Edmon was lowered to 9th, and Kim Hyeonsu was lowered to 8th batting order to relieve the burden. 

In Korea, the 11th is a rest day without games. We rested at the hotel accommodation without any separate team training. It is said that the training coach’s room was the most crowded. Players often visited the training room to adjust their condition.  

Park Gun-woo said, “In Korea, fans seem to want players to show confidence that they can do it without giving up until the end.” I believe that everyone will do their best. We will play a game that will win unconditionally,” he said with strong will to win.  

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