The command tower that was mentioned as Conte’s successor… ‘Free Body’ at the end of this season 

 Einracht Frankfurt (Germany) coach Oliver Glasner (48, Austria) puts down the baton at the end of this season. The original contract period was until June 2024, but recently ended the company a year early amid poor results.

After agreeing to terminate the contract on the 10th (Korean time), head coach Glasner said on the official website, “I accept the board’s decision. This is not the time to say goodbye or look back. There is still an important mission left. Germany I will do my best until the last round in the Bundesliga so that I can advance to the European competition, and I will also win the German Football Association (DFB) Pokal Cup.”

Previously, director Glasner took the baton by signing a three-year contract with Frankfurt in 2021. From his first season, he reached the final by beating Barcelona (Spain) in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL) and achieved an ‘undefeated title’ by knocking out Rangers (Scotland).

Glasner,토스카지노 however, struggled this season. It announced an uneasy start from the beginning, such as falling into the swamp of the opening three games (2 draws and 1 loss), and seemed to regain stability as time passed, but it started to slow down again from last February, and during the 13 games in the Bundesliga, only 2 We only managed to win (5 draws and 6 losses). In the UEFA Champions League (UCL), Napoli (Italy) lost 0-5 on aggregate and was eliminated in the round of 16.

In the end, director Glasner, whose position was rapidly shaken as he failed to produce results, agreed to take responsibility and parted ways one year earlier than the original contract period. This ended his accompaniment with Frankfurt after two years of taking his baton.

Naturally, attention is focused on Director Glasner’s future. In particular, even two months ago, there was a strong connection with Tottenham Hotspur (England). As soon as manager Antonio Conte (53, Italy) was sacked, he was immediately mentioned as the successor command tower. It is expected that at the end of this season, as he is a ‘free body’, he will receive ‘love calls’ more actively as he does not need a penalty.

Director Glasner continued his career by taking the helm of Frankfurt after going through SV Liet, LASK Linz (above Austria), and VfL Wolfsburg (Germany). He uses a quick counterattack as his main tactic after focusing on defense, but sometimes prefers to develop an attack while pressing hard from the front.

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