The director’s responsibility… “It’s too hard, but you have to overcome it”

Director Graham Porter once again awakened the sense of responsibility as a director.

In September of last year, Chelsea sacked manager Thomas Tuchel and brought in Porter as his replacement. Poor grades and discord with the board were the causes. Chelsea fans could not hide their embarrassment and disappointment when they saw the coach who had helped them win the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Despite his excellent leadership at Brighton, Porter was not without suspicion.

However, at the beginning of his tenure, Chelsea were on a winning streak. He made his debut against Salzburg and went on an undefeated streak of 9 matches. The doubts towards him and the longing for coach Tuchel gradually disappeared.

However, it has since declined. Starting with a 1-4 loss against Brighton, they recorded only two wins in seven games. They lost to ranking rivals Arsenal and Manchester City, and even lost to Man City in the FA Cup and the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup), and were caught in all three competitions. 메이저사이트

The rankings naturally went down. It fell from the position where it was competing for 4th place to the middle rank. Current ranking is 10th. They rank lower than Brentford, Brighton and Fulham. The difference in points with ‘last place’ Southampton is smaller than the difference in points with ‘first place’ Arsenal.

In the end, criticism could not be avoided. In the last FA Cup match against Man City, Chelsea fans sang a song asking them to bring Tuchel back. Local media also dealt with the rumors of director Porter’s hardship.

Director Porter knew about this. At a press conference ahead of the match against Fulham, he explained the pressure he was under, saying, “Probably the most difficult job in football is being a manager. It’s because of people’s expectations.” He continued, “I want to show great respect to coach Tuchel. He heard Big Ear here. It is understandable that the fans sing such a song.”

He also talked about the difficult points. Porter said, “After the game, I don’t become kind. If I lose a game or don’t get a result, it’s really painful. It affects my family. I try my best to keep a balance, but I’m a human being, so it’s hard.” “My family knows the pros and cons of this job. But there’s no need to take pity on me. I’m proud to be here. Life is full of pain. Being a Chelsea manager, I don’t think there will be any expectations, no pain, no challenges, no stress.” Did you do it? That’s absolutely not the case. You have to take responsibility and lead the group and lead the team.”

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