The fallen tree

 There is no ‘100% win rate’ in any game. Surprises such as Saudi football defeating Argentina often occur. Tyson betrayed the gamblers who predicted a 42-1 advantage and lay down on the ring floor in place of Douglas. Baduk is no different. The incident in which Yoda, who was a world champion, was shot by Hans Peach from the ‘Unknown Go’ appears on the first page of the history of black and white. 슬롯사이트

Yang Dingxin is a master who cannot be compared to the ‘underdogs’ listed above. Based on Shin Jin-seo, his total record is 7 wins and 6 losses, so no matter who wins, it is not a surprise. Nevertheless, the news of the defeat was shocking because the trust in Shin Jin-seo was so absolute. No one doubted the young number one’s victory. However, it was revealed that Shin Jin-seo is also a human whose biorhythm can fluctuate at any time.

Unusually predictable ordinary numbers (29, 61, 83, 91, 139) came pouring out, and the unique conversion technique was missing. He was still inside the chasing circle if he had let go like a reference to 97. In contrast, Yang Dingxin’s solid method of balancing the house was effective. He created a great country in his lifetime with a strategy to win with patience and long breath. Starting tomorrow, we will publish the third final. (Non-inheritance at the end of 252 moves, omitted below 199 moves)

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