‘The person who will become becomes’ Choi Ji-hoon, a baby beast with a deep relationship with the last train

SSG outfielder Choi Ji-hoon (26) ranked 4th in the Dream All-Star outfielder category in a fan vote to select the ‘Best 12’ of the KBO League All-Star Game last year. He was not in the top three to get a chance to compete. Another player was also selected for the manager’s recommended outfielder. After his 2020 debut, his first All-Star Game appearance seemed to be delayed.

On July 14 last year, two days before the All-Star Game, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced a player replacement. Choi Ji-hoon’s name was in the announcement. As Doosan’s recommended player Jeong Su-bin suffered a back injury, Ji-hoon Choi was given an opportunity. Choi Ji-hoon, who received good energy from the All-Star Game, achieved a career high last season.

Choi Ji-hoon recently rode the last train again. This time, he dramatically joined the national team for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held next month. 슬롯사이트

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced on the 6th that it had selected Choi Ji-hoon as a substitute player in place of Choi Ji-man, who was blocked from playing in Pittsburgh due to opposition from the club. The reason for selecting an outfielder instead of first baseman, the same position as Choi Ji-man, was that KT Park Byeong-ho recovered from an ankle injury and was able to defend first base without any problems, and that Choi Ji-hoon, who is equipped with both offense and defense due to the nature of the short game, could be used widely. did.

Choi Ji-hoon is a resource that WBC coach Lee Kang-cheol and the technical committee had been thinking about until the end when announcing the final list of 30 players. Choi Ji-hoon was included in the list of 50 players interested in the national team that the KBO submitted to the WBCI, the WBC organizing committee, in November last year. Expectations for joining the national team have increased in that he already has the league’s top-notch outfield defense ability and played in all 144 games last season and led the SSG championship with a batting average of 30% (0.304). However, he was not included in the final entry announced on the 4th of last month. On the 31st of last month, before leaving for Team Spring Camp, Florida, USA, he said, “If I continue to regret it, it will be my loss. Now, I will focus on the camp so that I can prepare well for the season.”

‘Prepared Choi Ji-hoon’ eventually got a chance. He is expected to be used as a counter-defense or anti-running agent in actual combat. If the WBC shows potential, you can proudly put your name on the first list in any competition in the future. The Asian Games, which will be held in Hangzhou, China in September, are also a coveted opportunity.

Choi Ji-hoon said, “During the off-season, I built my body well in Korea. He said, “I will raise the pace little by little according to the game schedule,” and “as the best baseball player in each country competes, I will do my best to win.

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