The secret of Lim Chan-gyu, who is ranked third in the curve… “If you throw away the fastball, the breaking ball gets better”

I don’t think it would be too much to call him ‘Curve Master’ now. This is the story of Lim Chan-gyu of the LG Twins, who was reborn as a local ace from a free agent.메이저놀이터

Today (29th), according to the baseball statistics website Statties, Lim Chan-kyu’s pitching value for the curve is 3.6, which is the 5th highest in the league. Considering that the first and second places are foreign pitchers such as Felix Pena (Hanwha Eagles) and Eric Peddy (NC Dinos), Lim Chan-gyu throws the third most valuable curveball among Korean pitchers.

As a result of the tally by Sports2I, the official record company in Korea, Lim Chan-gyu’s curve throw was 1,511 rotations per minute, which was 5th among pitchers with more than 100 pitches. It was also a top 3 local score, excluding foreign pitchers Pedi and Buchanan (Samsung Lions).

Usually, the higher the number of revolutions, the faster it falls in front of the hitter, which increases the chance that a hit will not come out even if you swing wrong or get hit.

Lim Chan-kyu’s rebound was not achieved by a single curve. Lim Chan-kyu greatly increased the proportion of his changeup this year from 24.2% last year to 32%, and it is used as a powerful decision pitch along with a curveball.

Lim Chan-kyu’s changeup pitch value soared from negative (-2.9) last year to 3.8 this year. His pitch value was 8th overall in the league (6th in the country) and revolutions per minute (1,960) was 10th in the league.

He has changed into a completely different pitcher with a 5-win, undefeated ERA of 1.97 while raising the ability to use these two breaking balls that fall to the top of the league.

Lim Chan-kyu is interviewing a reporter. Photo = MBN
Regarding this change, Lim Chan-gyu said in a recent interview with MBN, “I changed my mind to focus on commands and use breaking balls well, rather than trying to throw fastballs as hard as before.” If so, now I throw a fastball based on a breaking ball.”

Lim Chan-gyu, who chose to retake the game without exercising his FA (free agent) qualification obtained after last season, is becoming an excellent choice in conclusion. There are bound to be many people talking about the FA jackpot around them.

However, Lim Chan-gyu drew a line. He said, “I thought a lot about free agency last year, but this year I really don’t think about it at all.” no,” he said.

Lim Chan-gyu, who has been reborn as LG’s native ace, may remain in the KBO history books as an exemplary case of free agent retakers if he continues pitching like this unlike himself, who has no other thoughts.

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