‘The third transfer nomination’ Park Hyo-joon… Transferred to ATL Triple A

Park Hyo-joon, who was designated for transfer three times this winter alone, moved to the Atlanta Braves Triple-A.

Atlanta announced on the 6th (Korean time), “Park Hyo-joon will move to Triple A Gwinnett Strippers under the club.”

Previously, Atlanta transferred Park Hyo-joon when they recruited outfielder Ellie White at the end of last month. It was to make room for White on the 40-man roster. For Park Hyo-joon, he could transfer to a club that wanted him within a week, but he couldn’t find a new team and had to accept going to the minor leagues. 스포츠토토

Park Hyo-jun, who was active as a shortstop prospect in Yatap High School, signed a contract with the New York Yankees in 2014 and moved to the United States. He followed up with a long run in the minor leagues before making his major league debut in July 2021.

However, Park Hyo-joon, who pioneered a new path, was immediately traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates, and was transferred from Pittsburgh at the end of last year. He subsequently traded to the Boston Red Sox, but was again named Yang and headed to Atlanta.

Getting into the 40-man roster wasn’t easy, even in Atlanta. At the end of last month, he received his third transfer nomination this winter, and ended up starting again at Triple-A.

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