The world pays attention to the putting know-how that led to the U.S. Women’s Open victory and K-technical skills… A premonition of hitting the jackpot through the Tour Putt Circle PGA Show

 It was as expected. As soon as he made his debut, he received love calls from over 600 companies in over 20 countries. K-tech skills and the know-how of coach Choi Jong-hwan, who helped world-class players, turned on the green light to target the global market. The Tour Put, released by Brotin, a putting simulator company, attracted the attention of the world.

Brotin recently exhibited the ‘Tour Putt Circle’ at the PGA Show, the world’s largest golf fair held in Orlando, Florida, USA. Tour Putt Circle is a simulator that can analyze the user’s putting tendency on a 5m x 5m green with a 3% gradient. It was developed by integrating the teaching know-how of the Choi Jong-hwan Putting Academy, the best putting teaching facility in Korea, with its own technologies such as AR and projection mapping. 카지노

Coach Choi Jong-hwan is gaining a reputation as a putting coach for world-class players who won the US Women’s Open, a major LPGA tournament, such as Lee Jeong-eun and Kim A-rim. Coach Choi personally participated in the PGA Show and held a seminar on putting, inviting golf coaches and industry officials.

At the PGA Show, the pattern test drew the greatest response from the audience. After putting at random from a total of 36 locations, you can check the results such as ball starting direction, distance sense, breaking line, and success rate by distance. Based on the results, training goals are set to drive practical improvement in skills. The practice system that simply shines putting-related projectiles on the green and the difference between other tour putts attracted the attention of the world market.

Brotin CEO Kim Chan-gi said, “I am very happy to show off the tour putt prepared with great care at the PGA Show and receive a great response. With this exhibition as an opportunity, we expect Tour Put to enter the global market in earnest and lead a new era in putting.”

In addition to the pattern test, ‘Custom Training Mode’ and ‘Tour Paw Drill’ also attracted the attention of the visitors. The pattern test visually projects training elements on the green to increase training intuitiveness and efficiency. The drill function, which allows you to practice the three major elements of putting, such as directionality, distance, and green reading ability, as if playing a game, was also enough to attract the attention of golfers who are immersed in improving their putting. Thanks to this, not only North and Central America, such as the United States and Canada, but also Europe, such as England and Sweden, showed interest, and about 600 companies from 20 countries sent love calls.

Brotin is selecting a partner for the export of the ‘Tour Putt Circle’, which attracted attention at the PGA Show. Follow-up products such as the tour put box and ground are also planned to be released overseas.

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