Tiger Woods, proud to play in the Ryder Cup? “Doesn’t rule out”

Attention is already focusing on what role Tiger Woods (USA) will play in this year’s Ryder Cup.

The US Golf Digest reported on the 12th 메이저사이트, “It is unlikely that Tiger Woods will participate in the Ryder Cup, but Jack Johnson, the general manager of the Ryder Cup USA team, is not ruling it out.”

Woods was in a major car accident in February 2021 and seriously injured his leg. Woods, who was immersed in treatment and rehabilitation that year, participated in the Masters, PGA Championship, and Open last year, but except for the Masters, the results were not very good. He withdrew from the PGA Championship and missed the cut at the Open.

In particular, he showed pain while walking throughout the tournament. Even at The Match, an event competition held last month, and the PNC Championship, where he competed with his son Charlie, he limped. He has no major problems playing golf, but many point out that he is not in condition to play the tournament because it is difficult to walk 18 holes.

However, it is known that Woods is considering participating in major tournaments this year as well. Above all, the Ryder Cup, a national competition between the United States and Europe, will be held this year.

At the time of the 2021 Ryder Cup, Woods was recovering from an accident. He declined the position of vice-captain. However, he also boosted his morale by sending a message to the US team, which had a large number of young players, to ‘show no mercy’.

“The reason I trust Woods is that he is very invested in this team and the future of the Ryder Cup,” said general manager Jack Johnson.

In particular, the United States was weak in the Ryder Cup away game. Woods’ role could be important as this year’s event will be held at Marocco Simon Golf and Country Club in Rome, Italy. 

However, Golf Digest said, “Marocco Simons Golf & Country Club has a higher hill than Augusta National Golf Club, so it may not be suitable for Woods to play.” The question is whether he will be able to do it,” he said, looking forward to Woods’ participation.

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