Toss a coin there and win both times. I’m going again for the first year as a formal director

“I have to go to Sedona this time and get some energy.”

There is a place called Sedona in Arizona, USA. It became famous as a place where former major leaguer Park Chan-ho visited and received energy, and since then, the coaching staff, players, and front desk of a team that set up a spring camp in Arizona often visited to pray for good results.

However, not all good things happened to everyone who visited Sedona. There were many cases where individual performance fell or team performance declined. So, there is a saying that the number of baseball players visiting Sedona has decreased recently.

However, for NC Dinos coach Kang In-kwon, Sedona is a special place. Because every time I went, something good happened.

In particular, there is a place where you throw a coin, and you win when you raise the coin correctly. 메이저놀이터

Director Kang said, “I strangely had a good thing happen when I went to Sedona,” and said, “I’m going to go on a day off this year as well. I’ll throw a coin.”

It was 2015 when he succeeded by tossing a coin. Director Kang, who was the coach of the Doosan Bears at the time, visited Sedona and threw a coin at the coin toss near the cathedral hoping for a victory, and it went right up at once. That year, Doosan finished 3rd in the regular season, but in the post-season, it rose to the fore and defeated Samsung Lions, the regular season champion, to win the Korean Series. I also visited Sedona in 2016. I didn’t toss a coin this time, but I won.

And as an NC coach in 2020, when he was about to set up his last overseas spring camp, he visited Sedona again and threw a coin. At this time, it was a bit uneasy because it was narrowly climbed, but NC won the first integrated championship in the Korean Series with 4 wins and no losses in the Korean Series following the regular season championship.

Will coach Kang, who is visiting Sedona for the first time as a coach, receive positive energy? It takes 8 hours round trip by car from Tucson, the spring camp site, to Sedona. If you can win, that time is great.

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