Tuchel kicks out ‘assault mane’ → ‘system’ excuses this summer to mobilize all methods ‘stop loss’

 The assault on Bayern Munich’s Sadio Mane, which made the Bundesliga buzz last week, seems to be coming to an end. However, it seems that it will be a ‘sad ending’ rather than a ‘happy ending’.

The Sun reported on the 17th that ‘Munich will take all possible measures against Mane in the summer transfer’. This report follows the message of a former soccer player who is currently working as a broadcaster in Germany.

Florian Plettenberg, a former footballer who now plays for Sky Sports,먹튀검증 said: “I understand that Munich intends to sell Mane after the season.”

“From what I’ve heard, Bayern Munich will try everything to get Sadio Mane off in the summer,” Plettenberg told Sky Sports Germany, shocking news. ‘Every attempt’ is interpreted as meaning that the team has no intention of taking Mane any more.

He then said, “From a sports standpoint, manager Thomas Tuchel has no plans to work with Mane because Mane does not fit into his system.”

“This is the information I heard,” Plettenberg said. Internally, there is a very critical atmosphere towards Manet.” The system I talked about earlier is just an excuse, and it means that Mane is kicked out because the atmosphere in the team has been messed up due to this situation.

Of course, Tuhel said, “Everything has been resolved. The suspension for one game and the imposition of a fine is a punishment for the assault incident,” he said with the nuance that nothing would happen, but Plettenberg said it was not internally.

Tuchel said, “The atmosphere of the team yesterday and today was positive. I’m here to defend Mane,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bayern Munich’s club suspended Mane for one game and fined him £260,000 for punching Sane in the locker room after their Champions League defeat last week. Mane was excluded from the squad for the match against Oppenheim on the 16th. It was an action following a business suspension.

Since the club only punished Mane for one game, he can travel in the home game of the 2022-23 season European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) quarterfinal second leg against Manchester City this week.

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