Unstoppable KEPCO, anticipation for the most individual titles in the history of the team

Suwon KEPCO, a men’s professional volleyball club that has succeeded in rebounding from the 4th round and is likely to advance to the postseason (PS) for the second year in a row, is raising expectations for winning the most individual titles in the team’s history.

KEPCO is in 3rd place with 15 wins and 16 losses and 47 points in the final 6 rounds of the regular league. The gap with 4th place Seoul Woori Card (44 points) is 3 points. In the remaining 5 games, Woori Card and 5th place Ansan OK Financial Group (41 points) are expected to challenge for the semi-playoff (junior PO, when the difference in points between 3rd and 4th places is within 3 points), but the recent momentum is frightening. . 메이저놀이터

KEPCO had a 50% win rate with 3 wins and 3 losses in the 1st and 2nd rounds, but in the 3rd round, it was sluggish with all 6 losses and fell to the bottom. However, after starting the rebound by recording 4 wins and 2 losses in the 4th round, the 5th round continued the upward trend with 4 wins and 2 losses.

In the first game of the 6th round, they defeated Daejeon Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 3-0 and raised their ranking to 3rd place. KEPCO’s ‘Dutch Bomber’ Tais and veteran Shin Young-seok, who are leading the rise of KEPCO, are ranked first in 5 out of 14 individual awards in the men’s division, so the team is expected to produce the most individual award winners ever.

Thais, the core of team offense, is ranked first in scoring (806 points), offense (55.05% success rate), open attack (49.29% success rate), serve (5th place, 0.47 per set), and timed attack (5th place success rate). 73.33%), back attack (4th place, 57.97%), and quick open (4th place, 61.59%) are also ranked within 5th place, showing off their powerful firepower that ranks high in all areas of attack.

In addition, Shin Young-seok, a veteran middle blocker, is also ranked first in blocking (0.77 per set) and fast attack (66.52% success rate), so he is likely to win two gold medals. In particular, if you keep the first place in blocking, which is significantly ahead of the second place (0.69 per set), you will be crowned the blocking king for six consecutive seasons.

In this regard, a KEPCO official said, “The individual title is important, but for now, securing a stable third place is an urgent priority. In a situation where blood runs dry in every game, there is no time to worry about anything else,” he said. “If the team achieves good results, Thais and Shin Young-seok will naturally win the title. We will do our best in the remaining matches.”

While KEPCO is looking forward to advancing to the PS for two consecutive years, it is expected that it will be able to greet a ‘brilliant spring day’ by winning the most individual titles in the team’s history.

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