‘Wait for SON’ Qatar Money, Tottenham also aim… “Promote M&A regardless of Manchester United”

It turns out that Qatar’s ‘oil money’ is also aiming for Tottenham.

Qatar is stepping up efforts to acquire Manchester United, which has recently been put up for sale on the market. The initial acquisition amount of around 7 trillion won has already been proposed, and depending on the situation, the bet amount is expected to rise further.

The American Glazer family, which owns 49.5% of Manchester United, wants 9 trillion won, so the market observes that it may be close to this price. 스포츠토토

However, Qatar is also sending a love call to Tottenham.

On the 19th, the British ‘Sunday Times’ said, “Qatari investors are also interested in Tottenham. We are poised to do it,” he said.

The newspaper also saw that “Qatari investors will be able to provide enough for the amount of more than 6 trillion won that Tottenham is known to want.”

Tottenham, like Man Utd, has not expressed a specific intention to put the club out.

However, on the 15th, the British Financial Times shocked the British football world by reporting that “Iranian-American billionaire Jam Najafi is preparing a blockbuster offer for Tottenham for 3.1 billion pounds (4.8 trillion won).”

Tottenham responded that it was almost the first time they had heard of it, saying, “I have never been in contact with Najafi.” .

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